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JUMP, JABBA JABBA, RUN, JABBA JABBA, MUNCH, JABBA JABBA, Tiny, tiny monkeys having fun But when are they going to remember to build themselves a shelter from the rain, PLINKA PLINKA, and the wind, WOOYA WOOYA, and scariest of all the jaguar, GURR YUH GURR YUH Surely not when they can play Based on a tale from the Brazilian rain forest about blackmouth monkeys, SO SAY THE LITTLE MONKEYS is a completely irresistible read aloud that also contains a gentle message Don t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

6 thoughts on “So Say The Little Monkeys

  1. Jcrouch Jcrouch says:

    Read it to a year 1 class they loved it

  2. ebats.us Customer ebats.us Customer says:

    Such a cute book But the binding was stapled wrong see images It is super inconvenient having to ship the book back I wish there was an option to just send in photos of defective items in exchange for a new product.

  3. Jx2C Jx2C says:

    This is a wonderful book with a lyric structure, fun rhymes, and an important moral This item is for the softback copy We discovered the book as a hardcover at our local library, and liked it so much that we decided to purchase it The hardcover has larger pages and a bit illustration, but you can t go wrong with either version.

  4. Joan Joan says:

    Good book

  5. cat cat says:

    Middle grade schoolers and up are going to enjoy this tale The art work is so cute

  6. Splash Splash says:

    It took me a while to be able to read this musically, but my daughter and I fell in love with it at the library and finally had to buy our own copy These rainforest monkeys play and sing all day and never get around to making a nest Very lovely language and cadence when read out loud.