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FROM THE WINNERS OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS Wonderfully Refreshing A Must Read Thomas Piketty In This Revolutionary Book, Prize Winning Economists Abhijit V Banerjee And Esther Duflo Show How Economics, When Done Right, Can Help Us Solve The Thorniest Social And Political Problems Of Our Day From Immigration To Inequality, Slowing Growth To Accelerating Climate Change, We Have The Resources To Address The Challenges We Face But We Are So Often Blinded By IdeologyOriginal, Provocative And Urgent,Good Economics For Hard Times Offers The Newthinking That We Need It Builds On Cutting Edge Research In Economics And Years Of Exploring The Most Effective Solutions To Alleviate Extreme Poverty To Make A Persuasive Case For An Intelligent Interventionism And A Society Built On Compassion And Respect A Much Needed Antidote To Polarized Discourse, This Book Shines A Light To Help Us Appreciate And Understand Our Precariously Balanced World

4 thoughts on “Good Economics for Hard Times: Better Answers to Our Biggest Problems

  1. C. A. Austin C. A. Austin says:

    Economics is too important to be left to economists Despite the growing number of high level economists echoing this warning, the world doesn t seem to be listening or not enough, at least Banerjee all economists must factor humanity into their algorithms What s changed in recent decades is improved travel Poor Economics, highlights that drastic reforms are not always necessary or desirable Small adjustments, slight method changes, can achieve great results Capitalism isn t in crisis only in need of a service.Can we follow Poor Economics with Good Economics Yes, quite easily, but I don t know if we will This wide ranging discussion gives multiple real life examples of what works It analyses why they work, why other things don t, and suggests global improvements It s essential reading for today s economics students and will also provide crucial perspective to sociologists, students of politics, and the aid sector.

  2. Mother of Dragonflies Mother of Dragonflies says:

    Brexit bad Migration good, and has no effects on the target country Read it if you want your views reinforced I didn t feel the arguments changed mine It s sn open readable style, which is why I gave it 3 stars.

  3. Colin F. Colin F. says:

    Thought would be boring but really enjoyed reading this and learnt a lot in the process

  4. Alex Jukes Alex Jukes says:

    I actually thought this book was a guide to being better about personal finances when I first glanced at it but it definitely is no that I found the book really interesting, there was a lot of discussion about current issues and politics but done in a way that made it interesting, easy to read and easy to understand For me the take home message was that until you try it you don t really know how something will pan out, you can have an educated guess but that s as far as it goes Politicians take which opinion they like best and peddle it as fact Worth a read.