Free kindle The Gods are Not to Blame (Three Crowns Books)Author Ola Rotimi –

In this play the theme of Sopocles Oedipus Rex is skillfully transplanted to African soil King Odewale s progress towards knowledge of the murder and incest that must be expiated before his kingdom can be restored to ealth is unfolded with a dramatic intensity heightened by the richness of the play s Nigerian setting It had its first performance in Nigeria at the Ife Festival of the Arts in , has since been staged with great success in other West African countries, and was awarded the first prize in the African Arts Arts d Afrique playwriting contest in

2 thoughts on “The Gods are Not to Blame (Three Crowns Books)

  1. Ola Ola says:

    I can t help to wonder why such a book that holds concious truth should be so expensive, i will say this is another way to prevent those that should have access to knowledge deliberately been denied

  2. Ori_ire Ori_ire says:

    Awesome book to read Great story African story to the core Good life lesson.PRICE 134 IS A RIP OFF though It s 5 from the book store in Nigeria.