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The home of trusted German dictionaries and thesaurses for school useA pocket sized German to English and English to German reference for secondary school students looking for a dictionary that is modern, up to date, clear and easy to use Developed for home study, and to be used in the classroom Especially designed for school students, and is ideal in the classroom, at home and during exams It contains all the words and phrases students will need, with key curriculum words highlighted, all essential phrases covered, and thousands of examples to show how German is really used The clear layout and alphabet tabs down the side of each page lead the students to the information they need quickly and without fuss All main translations are underlined to help users go straight to the answer they are looking for The dictionary includes language tips and culture notes throughout the text Ich bin, du bist German verbs made easy Each verb on the German side of the dictionary is cross referred to a comprehensive verb guide, with full conjugations and example phrases showing the verb used in contextAlso available in French and Spanish

8 thoughts on “German School Dictionary: Trusted support for learning (Collins School Dictionaries) (Collins German School Dictionaries)

  1. ministry-evangelism.co Customer ministry-evangelism.co Customer says:

    Bought for a Year 7 student starting German If he liked learning the language it would be terrific but I rather feel since he doesn t it will end up being offered to someone else.

  2. michelle michelle says:

    a must have for anyone learning German Very well laid out, with each entry providing example sentences giving a clear understanding of the context in whic eac word is used Includes an invaluable section in alphabetical order of verbs with conjugation verb endings Excellent tool to assist in learning the language.

  3. Lucie Lucie says:

    Good for school work Nice size and easy to use, good price too.

  4. Ziggy Ziggy says:

    I am basically fluent now

  5. Kay McGregor Kay McGregor says:

    Very good German dictionary for secondary school German

  6. Abbafan1972 Abbafan1972 says:

    Very good dictionary, bought it for my daughter for school and it has proved useful for her German lessons.

  7. Ms. Eleanor C. Tristram Ms. Eleanor C. Tristram says:

    Exactly what my daughter needed, great product at a great price

  8. Mrs. J. Bray Mrs. J. Bray says:

    New dictionary Easy to use Item arrived quickly and in good order