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This suite of resources provide a clear two year framework to help you and your students meet and exceed AQA s mastery goals using content matched to AQA s big ideas and enquiry processesThis title is AQA approved Aligned to AQA s big ideas and KS syllabus with Student Book Partcovering Partof the syllabus and Student Book Partcovering PartThree part progression in lessons encompassing the AQA mastery statements of know, apply and extend Enquiry processes embedded throughout the course to help your students think and work scientifically Differentiated check your progress lists for each chapter to help students and teachers measure and make progress in learning In addition to questions throughout the text, there are questions at the end of each chapter providing assessment benchmarked to the know, apply and extend statements Ideas you have met before and In this chapter you will find out provide context and link ideas together for students Know this vocabulary boxes reflect keywords from the AQA syllabus Prepares students for the new, challenging GCSE Provides the first step in our AQA syllabus support for Secondary Science giving students a clear path of progression From experienced author team Ed Walsh and Tracey Baxter Tailored assessment and intervention matching to each chapter available in our GCSE Science Ready course

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    No answers to the questions throughout the book Totally pointless as a home learning aid if nobody can check the answers

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    bought for my friend

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    As on the picture, quick service

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    Content seems good although not used much yet Disappointed with quality of paper used which is not up to the quality of other books I have purchased.

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    just For kids.

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    Perfecto y s per eapido