Read eBook Big Dreamers: Famous Women who Overcame Adversity and Won at Life (English Edition)Author Rachel Wheeler –

Theres no two ways about itbeing a teenage girl is hard There are so many questions for us to consider What is my passion What are my greatest strengths What are my lifes priorities Who do I want to be, and how can I become her Famous women cover our TV screens, websites, magazines, and to a lesser extent, though thats changing history books, and its only natural to see them as super human, with lives full of joy, success, and adventure in ways we couldnt dream of actualizing for ourselves When we view these premier entertainers, artists, athletes, politicians and business leaders who make success look so easy, its only logical to assume were absolutely nothing like them arent now, never were, and never will beright Wrong Below, youll learn about ten of the most famous, powerful, successful women of our era and those who influenced them, and the challenges they faced in achieving success From Madonna to Serena Williams to Audrey Hepburn, youre sure to discover yourself in at least one of their life stories, and find the inspiration to make your own dreams come true