books I Like Art: Rococo (English Edition)Author Margaux Stanitsas –

Art history made accessible and enjoyable for kids Learn all about Rococo Art in this art history book for kids Meet famous artists like Franois Boucher, Antoine Watteau, and Jean Claude Richard and find out why they painted the way they did The Rococo period began in the s and featured art that was inspired by the extravagant nature of the court of Louis XV Kids will learn to spot details and themes in Rococo art and will develop an appreciation for the style through this simple and child appropriate book Here s a sample page from the book Rococo art is a very important and unusual genre The art styles before and after the Rococo style were very serious and formal Rococo art is light and playful It shows fun scenes of the rich people of that day, or playful angels or mythological characters This small turn to light and fun art is unique to the Rococo style This is why Rococo art is so interesting and is still appreciated today