[download eBook] Rich Dad's Escape from the Rat Race: How To Become A Rich Kid By Following Rich Dad's Advice (English Edition)Author Robert T Kiyosaki – Entrecielos.co

This is an ideal first book for children and adults Written in easy comic strips it summarises Robert Kiyosaki s famous Rich Dad Poor Dad story about his upbringing, and the difference between his own father, a University Lecturer who had a good well paid job and worked hard all his life but had very little money when he retired Poor Dad and his friend s dad, an immigrant with no money, who taught both boys to understand how money works for us, and how to work Smart not Hard, and to see opportunities for wealth creation all around us and how to Escape from the Rat Race. Very nice Recommended Great way to teach kids about assets and cashflow Highly recommend. I can t use Samsung for this book, waste of money and I can t cancel the order to get the refund Excellent explanation on money education. Very well animated My son loves it. This full color graphic novel poses the question Go to school, get good grades, get a good job and invest in ak Not today That s an outdated formula for success that hasn t adapted to the Information Age Escape the Rat Race is the story of Tim, Tina, and Redand their entrepreneurial pursuits as they learn about money Key messages include How to create assets and how to make your money work for youso you won t need to work hard for money all your life Just get it C est un BD en anglais qui r sume la pens e de Robert Kiyosaki et c est vraiment inspirant Je le recommande quiconque voudrait gagner beaucoup d argent sans travailler ou presque mais pense que c est impossible L tape suivant et de mettre en place les actions qui concr tiseront ce souhait.