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My Grandson who 3yrs old loves trains likes to flip through this book just a few pages a pity its not thicker always asking for Choo choo Move out of the way the train is coming This wonderful picture book teaches your children about trains using beautiful picture along with some very interesting facts You can use this resource as a stepping stone to discussing transportation and what your child should or should not do when aboard on one Picture books tell so many stories Grab a copy today The quality was like printed on a laser printer Serves its purpose though. When I saw this cute cover for a book about choo choo s, I decided to get the book for my 17 month old daughter I downloaded the book easily and quickly onto my tablet and used the Kindle app It is important to note that the option was not available to download the book onto my Kindle Paperwhite presumably due to the fact the book is full of colorful images This is another book of the excellent Baby Professor series The book is short with a total of 16 pages that has both facts about trains and pictures The length is perfect for my toddler whose attention span is extremely short The pictures in the book were not cartoons like the cover has, but instead are actual pictures of trains However, for kids not familiar with trains, some of the pictures are hard to tell it is a train However, she seemed to still enjoy the pictures Overall, I would recommend this book to any parent Its great for younger children to see the pictures and great for older children to practice reading.Pros 1 This is short book full of interesting facts about trains.2 The book is full of large, colorful, real life images of trains.3 The reading is easy and quick.Cons 1 Some of the pictures are either not of trains such as one picture of a tunnel or are close up shots of a train and it is hard for young children to tell that it is a train.I received this ebook for free in exchange for my honest review. If you have a train enthusiasts like me and they are younger, they will love this book This book is filled with fun short facts about trains along with gorgeous pictures of real life trains and not the cute adorable cartoon style featured on the cover of the bookMy son is 6 and he loved this book He is learning how to read in class and this book had a lot of the popcorn words he is learning about in school He was able to read to me snippets from a few pages here and there.Well, he would read to me when he was going crazy over the pictures Like I said, the pics from this book are gorgeous and really well done The book is short but full of enough content to keep the kiddo occupied and engaged for a while He is already begging me to read the book again.Another wonderful offering from Baby Professor I received this product in exchange for a review No further compensation was received This review and all other reviews were completed with 100% honesty, in my own words, and reflect any positive and or negative experiences I had while using and reviewing the product I only review products I have a general interest in Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day Choo Choo Pictures Trains Book for Kids Things That Go for Kids was a cute book with some really cool photos of trains It ended rather abruptly really on page 17 rather than page 18, which was just a white page for me I actually had to go back and look to see if I had clicked too far ahead or what the deal was Anyhow, just something to keep in mind when you are reading this.I read this book to my 20 month old baby and she was very interested to see the trains and loved making train noises to go with it I liked this book because I learned facts, about trains and railroad lines, that I didn t know before There are also things that you have a general knowledge about, like the time zones, but reading this reminds you again about it and allows you to explain further.My two cons for this book are first the abrupt ending, which I already mentioned, and the cover of this book gave me a totally different impression of what the book would be then what it is I enjoyed the book very much but the cover makes it look cutesy and maybe of a storybook where it is facts.I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion, and that is just what you get Like you, I rely on reading honest reviews before making a purchase, and I want to provide a helpful and honest opinion. Choo Choo Pictures Trains Book for Kids is a cute ebook for children who really love trains The first page of the book has a picture of a real train instead of an illustration of a train Throughout the book there is the question Did You Know and then it follows with a fact about trains This informs children about different facts about trains helping them learn about it It also has real pictures of trains throughout the book, letting children see what trains really look like My nephew has recently began to fall in love with trains His birthday was train themed When I realized he liked trains as much as he did, I sat down with him and read him this book He loved it He ooo and ahed over the pictures and had a look of amazement while I was reading this book to him I recommend this book to any child who shows an interest in trains They will learn all sorts of neat facts about trains Also teachers who may be teaching a unit on trains can use this book in class It is a great book for anyone who is learning or wants to learn about trains I received this ebook for free in return for my honest review. My youngest grandson age 6 year s old loved this book He is crazy about trains so this book was perfect for him.The pictures were awsome, they were real picture of what trains looked liked back in my grandmother s day And what alot of them look like today It was not like a cartoon which I really liked I enjoyed it as well.He learned some of the history of trains back in the 1900 s and today s time.We had a good time reading this together He asked some interesting questions LOL It is a short book which I like that way I m not having to read for a very long time on the days when I don t have that much time to read.I love getting books from Kindle and having them on my phone or tablet It s awsome when we are in the car, home, doctors office, they can read anywhere.It s the perfect book for a little girl or boy who would love to learn some of the history of trains.I would definitely recommend this to family and friends Note that I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and un biased review I should start this review by saying that the cover is very misleading It shows a cute cartoon train on a flowery field, so I was thinking that this book would be good for a younger child like mine 2 almost 3 However, inside were pictures of actual trains with facts that seemed appropriate for a 7 or 8 year old.That being said, my daughter still enjoyed it I didn t bother reading it to her at all, but we looked at all the pictures BEAUTIFUL pictures and talked about them It is a free book on , so no loss, but if I paid for it I would be annoyed.Full disclosure I have received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an HONEST review I take reviewing seriously as I rely on reviews myself when purchasing products and will only give 100% truthful feedback I NEVER receive product in exchange for giving a favorable review Don t believe me Check out my other reviews A free product does not equal a 5 star review with me. This has some really interesting photos of trains The title and cover lead me to believe it would be a book with some cartoony drawings and maybe a fictional story It is a non fiction book with some interesting and unusual facts about trains, tracks and stations It reads like a list of odd facts than a book, but that s still interesting.The photos are really nice My 4 year old son loved all the pictures and would demand I go back if I moved on too quickly There are some pictures that look really neat but I couldn t really figure out what they were I didn t really care though it just looks cool The pictures didn t really have much to do with the facts, but they were nice It s maybe really a list of top 10 ish interesting facts you never knew about trains woven together with with 10ish cool photos of trains or on trains or of train related things.This book lacks cohesion a little bit thus 4 stars vs 5 but I really liked it My 4 year old loved it.Disclaimer I received this book at a free or reduced price in exchange for my honest review.