Ugly (younger readers) (English Edition) kindle pdf –

Arrived fast Softcover book, newsprint pages My daughter saw this at her school book fair but was cheaper on. Enjoyed reading the book. Worlds best book My son who is 9 read this book with me and we loved it we learned from Robert s experience that having a disability can make us stronger and better Thanks Robert for sharing your story with our family. Great Book A cleverly written, humor filled, poignant and heartfelt narrative of growning up with legs that are malformed and a face that challenges the norms I urge you to take the time to read this delightfully crafted book Robert Hoge has experienced the raw emotions that come with facing harsh realities of having physical handicaps, the gross injustice of human bullies and painful experiences of modern medicine through all this he has emerged an enlightened, compassionate and clearly optimistic man More importantly, he has the talent to put his story into an immensely enjoyable read without losing one lesson His tale weaves in lessons of acceptance, of resilience, of friendship, of fear, of empathy, of laughter, of perserverance and of love I plan to gift this book to as many friends, teachers and children as possible High recommend Robert Hoge is simply brilliant. A beaut story about one very ugly kidRobert Hoge was born with a tumour in the middle of his face, and legs that werent much use There wasnt another baby like him in the whole of Australia, let alone Brisbane But the rest of his life wasnt so unusual he had a mum and a dad, brothers and sisters, friends at school and in his street He had childhood scrapes and days at the beach fights with his family and trouble with his teachersHe had doctors, too lots of doctors who, when he was still very young, removed that tumour from his face and operated on his legs, then stitched him back together He still looked different, though He still looked uglyLY is the true story of how an extraordinary boy grew up to have an ordinary life, and how that became his greatest achievement of all Amazing story Must read for anyone who struggles with self image issues Such an honest, transparent tale of an exceptional life. This book is superb The story is sad but teaching kids about compassion and empathy I loved the candor and feeling in this book, and I shared it with my 11 year old grandson, who loved it as well.