Read pdf Mountains Beyond Mountains (Adapted for Young People): The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer,A Man Who Would Cure the WorldAuthor Tracy Kidder –

Gr An adaptation of theadult book with the same title It is an admiring biography constructed from long stretches of personal experience with Farmer, international health specialist and infectious disease expert, whose focus was always the Haitian poor Farmer has spent his life taking modern medicine as well as schools, houses, sanitation, and water systems to a poverty stricken area of Haiti and to underdogs around the world Lending a voice to the voiceless, and working as a clinician as well as an organizer, he developed Partners in Health, funded first by a Boston philanthropist and later by the Gates Foundation and now internationally active While French s adaptation follows the same sequencing, his compression removes much of the detail that made the original so readable and interesting Omissions make episodes difficult to understand and, at least in one case, a description of one character is applied to another Still, books showing how one person can make a difference are always welcome in young adult literature and this one will be appreciated where the young readers edition of Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin s Three Cups of Tea Dial,has been popular But for the full flavor of the man s life and his impact on the author, older readers should seek out the original Kathleen Isaacs, Children s Literature Specialist, Pasadena, MD c CopyrightLibrary Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc No redistribution permittedPulitzer Prizewinning journalist Kidders inspiring story of American doctor Paul Farmer has now been adaptedto good effectfor young readers, with the help of coauthor French As Kidder demonstrates, Farmer is a remarkable man A noted epidemiologist who has worked with such infectious diseases as tuberculosis and AIDS, he is also a medical anthropologist, a clinician, and an expert in public health His ambitious goal is to improve health policy for the poor on a global scale By making himself a presence in the book, Kidder becomes a surrogate for the reader as he travels with Farmer to the slums of Lima, Peru the prisons of Russia and Siberia and to Farmers base, in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and a place Farmer has loved since he was a college student Kidder expertly provides context for Farmers life and work, including a look at his eccentric upbringing and his relationships with friends and colleagues Though sometimes complex, the story is always accessible and often fascinating Best of all, its focus on Farmer the humanitarian provides a much needed education in empathy Grades Michael Cart

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