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When children catch their first glimpse of a pyramid, a sea of questions inevitably tumbles forth Why are they shaped like that How were they made Who made them What were they used for Perplexed adults can sigh with relief now that David Macaulay has found a way to thoroughly answer all those deserving questions His exquisitely crosshatched pen and ink illustrations frame the engaging fictional story of an ancient pharaoh who commissions a pyramid to be built for him With great patience and respect for minute detail not unlike the creators of the early pyramids , Macaulay explains the sometimes backbreaking tasks of planning, hauling, chiseling, digging, and hoisting that went into the construction of this awe inspiring monument Just when the narrative teeters on the edge of textbook doldrums, Macaulay brings us back to the engaging human drama of death and superstition This respectful blending of architecture, history, and mysticism will certainly satiate pyramid passionate children as well as their obliging parents ALA Notable Book Agesand older Gail HudsonDavid Macaulay s brilliant Pyramid shows, detail by detail, how the great pharaohs burial places were conceived and constructedHis draftsmanship is unexcelled, and his book is pharaonic in opulence and design Time Magazine