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Does your little one love trains Then come touch, read, and discover all about trains and their history with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids Embossed textures and bright, detailed photographs from Smithsonian are sure to engage, entertain, and educate your curious Preschooler or Kindergartner Special embossed textures help engage in both verbal and tactile learning skills Learn about the different types of city trains, freight trains and take a look inside the passenger train cars Everyone will enjoy learning the history about trains and railways in Trains Then and Now Embossed pictures allow your toddler to touch and feel as they learn Fun facts and pictures from Smithsonian Kids are sure to educate and entertain even the littlest train enthusiast Trains have been around for hundreds of years so there are lots to discover Learn surprising facts about trains new and old First Discovery books engage your toddlers verbal and tactile learning skills with fun facts for you to read paired with textured embossing over the images Check out other fascinating subjects to explore in our Smithsonian Kids First Discovery Books series from Cottage Door Press

7 thoughts on “Trains Then and Now: First Discovery Books

  1. L K Kono L K Kono says:

    my son adores this book, and it has new information compared to the other train books we own.the textured images are just glossy raised pictures, so I wouldn t consider it a tactile book for sensory needs, but still a great addition to our library.

  2. lex lex says:

    It s a nice book that is not very long There are better books out there for a similar price

  3. C. E. Rodriguez-Lucas C. E. Rodriguez-Lucas says:

    My 3 year old loves trains and this book He has learns so much from it.

  4. GKrish GKrish says:

    Bought this for his grandson who loves it

  5. Rebekah L Hughey Rebekah L Hughey says:

    Grandson loved them

  6. Jess Jess says:

    Great for kids

  7. Renee Lekey Renee Lekey says:

    My 4 year old grandson is fascinated with the book He names the different types of cars plus practices his colors and counting.