Free pdf The Know-Nonsense Guide to Money: An Awesomely Fun Guide to the World of Finance! (Know Nonsense Series)Author Heidi Fiedler –

Full of fun and funny illustrations, The Know Nonsense Guide to Money will explain the basics of saving, spending, and other lessons in ways thatkids will understand Fuzzy on finances Bamboozled by banks, budgets, and bitcoins Perplexed by the difference between debit and credit cards TheKnow Nonsense Guide to Moneyhas your back on all things financial, fiscal, and flummoxing This easy to read guide is packed with simple definitions, memorable examples, and funny illustrations to make the way we use currency throughout the world something anyone can understand With each turn of the page youll learn a new basic concept about money, including earning, saving, spending, and borrowing, and will also discover the tools needed to developgood money management habits With alighthearted approach, The Know Nonsense Guide to Moneyturns serious and important topics into concepts that are approachable and fun for everyone Youlllove learning so much, you might even laugh out loud