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My daughter loves this new work from the creator of Avatar the Last Airbender In Warrior Genius, author Michael Dante DiMartino delivers rich settings, memorable characters, and edge of your seat action, just as he did in his hit animated show Avatar The Last Airbender Fans will be thrilled with this new adventure For years, Supreme Creator Nerezza has used fear and violence to rule her empire, seeking to eradicate anyone with a Genius Then, twelve year old Giacomo emerged from hiding and joined a young generation of fellow artists paired with Geniuses Together, they began a rebellion against her.Now, Giacomo has something Nerezza desperately wants the Compass, one of three powerful objects known as the Sacred Tools Possessing all three would allow Nerezza to spread her tyranny worldwide.After a near fatal showdown, Giacomo and his friends escape to the empire of Rachana, a society long feared for its mighty warriors and their horse Geniuses But a dark and ancient force threatens the horse Geniuses with extinction, and Giacomo discovers he is the only one who can stop it.With the help of his Genius and great friends, Giacomo struggles to keep the Sacred Tools from falling into the wrong hands and find a way to protect the Rachanan people before Nerezza finds him. I ordered this immediately after reading the first one, can t wait for the 3rd book Really enjoyed it Great twists, magic, and characters Lost Souls and Tulpas are very interesting I imagine the third one will be the last. Great book