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Michelangelo Buonarrotiknown simply as Michelangelohas been called the greatest artist who has ever lived His impressive masterpieces astonished his contemporaries and remain some of todays most famous artworks Young readers will come to know Michelangelo the man as well as the artistic giant, following his life from his childhood in rural Italy to his emergence as a rather egotistical teenager to a humble and caring old man Theyll learn that he did exhausting, back breaking labor to create his art yet worked well, even with humor, with others in the stone quarry and in his workshop Michelangelo for Kids offers an in depth look at his life, ideas, and accomplishments, while providing a fascinating view of the Italian Renaissance and how it shaped and affected his workBudding artists will come to appreciate Michelangelos techniques and understand exactly what made his work so great Twenty one creative, fun, hands on activities illuminate Michelangelos various artistic mediums as well as the era in which he livedKids can make homemade paint,learn the cross hatching technique used by Michelangelo,make an antique statue,build a model fortification,compose a Renaissance style poem,and much

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