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The New York City Subway system celebrates its th anniversary on October but you can bring the romance of the old subway alive today with the Subway Punch out Book The book includeseasy to assemble punch out train cars that are modeled after the historic old trains from the New York Transit Museum archives The cars are printed on full color laminated paper, with identifying historical information printed on the bottom of each It s a fun book that sneaks in some fascinating history of America s first subway system, and it s the perfect gift for any New Yorker or New York a phile you might know p Ride the subway down memory lane with pictures of cars such as p o The classic R R, also known as the Brightliners p o The traditional New York Subway Car that ran on every part of the IRT subway and was known for its speed and reliability p o The famous BMT D Type, the best loved and most fun to ride BMT car with its distinctive appearance inside and out p The New York Transit Museum is home tothanyears of transit lore and memorabilia The museum s central facility is housed in an authentic s subway station in Brooklyn Heights p

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