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Women in Sport celebrates the success of the tough, bold and fearless women who paved the way for today s athletes The sportswomen featured include well known figures like tennis player Serena Williams and broadcaster Clare Balding, as well as lesser known pioneers like Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel, and Keiko Fukuda, the highest ranked female judoka in history From the creator of the bestselling Women in Science, this richly illustrated book highlights the achievements and stories of fifty notable sportswomen from the s to today, including trailblazers, Olympians and record breakers in than forty sports It also contains infographics on topics such as muscle anatomy, pay and media statistics for female athletes, and influential women s teams Lovely book bought as a gift for a sporty girl. I bought this for my niece for Christmas, so I can t comment until after next week However, I did flick through the pages and it looks like an excellent read Great to see a book that lifts up and supports women in sports with brilliant illustrations Perfect for my niece who is swimming mad. I bought this for a female friend who loves sport, and I wasn t disappointed She loved it there are a range of sports women from different backgrounds and abilities in this book, and it was beautifully decorated A lovely collector s book Great book to provide girls with the back stories on how and what made women excel in sports Role models for future sportswomen