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An unconventional, irreverent, yet heartfelt memoir by Ryan Higa, one of the top creators on YouTube With pictures And illustrations And, y know, words Now a New York Times bestseller I know you re used to seeing me on the Internet, but here I am, coming at you in book form You might be asking yourself, A book You Why Listen, I m as surprised about it as you are But I have a story to tell that I believe will help inspire people who are going through tough times And I couldn t be the only YouTuber without a book, could I This is the story of how I went from being a relatively happy kids to being depressed and angry and filled with dark thoughts This is also the story of how I found my way to a happier life But wait, there s You re not only getting my story but you ll also learn to write well, from a college dropout who struggled in basic level English classes and still became a legit, Best Sailing Author That wasn t a typo I plan to buy a boat one daybut probably not anytime soon This book might not cell good

15 thoughts on “Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good

  1. Nuria Nuria says:

    I was bullied at my high school and primary for being different I m a brown skinned Muslim girl and I was picked on for being different I was also in a position where I wanted things to change but I couldn t do anything to stop it I was too weak to everyone Ryan, I feel for you man College is only where I got respect Love you Ryan Keep being you.

  2. Pooja Kaur Pooja Kaur says:

    Just received it yesterday, opened it up and read This book is the essence of Ryan Higa, you can hear his voice as you read It s amazing, a great read with lots of humour and illustrations not only does he take you on a journey of a delicate period in his young life but a journey on the process of him writing a book I can relate to some of the issues that he faced in his childhood, chances are most people can too This book is a great source of inspiration

  3. Abbie Abbie says:

    Watched Nigahiga since How to be Ninja and this book was a great insight to how it came to be, also has helped me realise a lot of things about myself Bought one for my friend too and she loved it

  4. Farah Farah says:

    Brought it for a friend so I only read the first page but seems like Ryan s humour is carried across well Very good quality hardback, pages are nice and shiny, not flimsy at all.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    My sister has been begging for this definitely a good buy

  6. Monifresa Monifresa says:

    It was a short read but overall great, funny, and inspirational Great for teens, kids, adults, or anyone really.

  7. Shirley Kirby Shirley Kirby says:

    Great for any fan of Nigahiga



  9. Burke Burke says:

    Was a good read if you are a fan of Ryan Wished we got an insight on his friends and career The cartoons in the book were a bit annoying

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Great book His pun filled humor is really well translated into text form.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Perfect,thank you

  12. Tabitagenesis Tabitagenesis says:

    This book is s so funny and hilarious yet also ver deep and meaningful i recommend this book to anyone who loves humour and comedy..

  13. Wow Wow says:

    Dear Ryan How are you If you are reading this I am a big fan Congratulations on your new book But can you please ask your publisher to adjust the fonts on the kindle edition so I can read it better on an Ipad The letters are way too small to read even with the pop up The pop up s are also very hard to navigate And for some reason I cannot view it one page at a time, I have to view 2 pages at a time Which makes the fonts and comic diagrams even smaller Thank you Best Regards

  14. Feyza Celik Feyza Celik says:

    This is a good book, and reading it from an educator s perspective, I agree that this is an excellent source for a classroom setting as one teacher mentioned in a review Although I must admit it might jeopardize family relationships, because children are sensitive and susceptible to absorbing how to understand the world So a simultaneous discussion by the teacher on how youth can foster better relationships with parents could allow for holistic learning and growth in the classroom After all education encompasses a student s life in entirety and the things they learn never end in the classroom They shape perception, the only thing we have power over, as Ryan Higa says.I am really enjoying this book I outgrew Ryan Higa s videos, but I grew up with it in my high school and early university years I came across his video on the life of a YouTuber in my sister s channel I was interested to know how he had changed, and the video led me to this book I am not disappointed at all It s engaging, full of illustrations, entertaining, not too long, and educational IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE KINDLE EDITION Please fix the format I am reading it on my android phone and the letters are WAY too tiny I can t adjust the format, and it s two pages on one screen Please fix ASAP Thank you Ryan and I wish you well.

  15. Richard C. Richard C. says:

    Do not expect to actually write better from reading this book This is of an autobiography of Ryan s life It s witty and creative He breaks the 4th wall very often to include the reader as much as possible.