Bill Peet: An Autobiography Audible –

great guy hard times he would be a very rich man now even so great stories great storyboards great characters form his life s work and nice book, here. excellebt A beautiful anthology Great pictures paired with information on one of the best author illustrators. enlightening, easy read Good reference for middle school or adult. A wonderful family read My wife, 8 year old son and I enjoyed this story It has a nice message about perseverance The art on every single page made it a joy to read as a family I only wish it was a bit longer If you are aggressive you could easily finish this in very short order, as each page only has a few lines of text, and are often dominated by the artistry I suggest taking your time and really soaking in the drawings. This is a book for anyone having a crisis of purpose Bill Peet tells his life story, how he started with one dream but was persuaded by circumstances beyond his control to follow the dreams of others Only in later life do his experiences come full circle so he can realize his dream again in an unexpected way.He struggles with poverty, family issues, THE Great Depression, lousy bosses, dead end jobs, always making the best of it, pushing onward and keeping one eye on his own needs for personal and professional development To an onlooker, it seems like he had it made as a story man at Disney, but Bill reveals that even what looks like a dream job can have it s share of nightmares.This is a cathartic book, definitely worth reading as an adult in a creative workspace Life isn t MEANT to be a perfect shot to your dreams Sometimes you have dreams, you have to abandon them, and then you come back to them stronger and better for it.This is a book that is American than any biography of a self made millionaire Read this and know what it means to endure, to bootstrap, and to triumph in your own way. Per leggere l estratto necessario abilitare JavaScript nel tuo browser maggiori informazioni

I keep this book on my shelf for 6th grade students who are reluctant to read biographical stories especially boys It has a wonderful mix of drawings by the author and text that keep the student engaged not to mention that the story is fantastic Bill Peet lived in a time that allowed young people to travel and be adventurous in a way that students today are not able to The biggest comment I receive after a student has read this book is I wish I could do that But it also inspires students, especially those who love to draw doodle on everything The book is upper elementary middle school reading material it is not a picture book or learn how to draw book it is much Great autobiography for kids It is not boring I m reading this book with first through fifth grade kids and they will ask me is this a true story because it s really an interesting read Bill Peet worked for Disney and it tells the story about how he became an animator talks about a lot of the movies he did for Disney and has lots of pictures If you want your kids to read an autobiography this is the best one to start with If your child is interested in drawing as a career, this is a great book If your child loves Disney, he or she will love this book Equally cool for adults and kids a beautifully sketched, illustrated biography of a key creative in the early days of Disney features.Super enjoyable, well written, light reading one paragraph per page , with illustrations on every page.