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It s a busy day on the construction site, and these industrious mice are up to something big But what are they working on Bold, colorful illustrations and recognizable vehicles with moving parts add to the fun, with hidden clues for the careful observer Is that red paint or red sauce Is that a construction pit or a drain Children will delight in guessing their way to the end, when the final spread reveals a carefully constructed surprise It s favorite vehicles meet lunchtime and bathtime in these novelty board books with interactive mechanisms Praise for Dig In Young readers will enjoy sinking their teeth into Kirkus Reviews As the pages turn, readers will undoubtedly grow curious about the round, flat, red object the mice are assembling and they ll get a kick out of the answer Publishers Weekly

11 thoughts on “Dig In!

  1. Elena Rotondo Elena Rotondo says:

    purtroppo la grafica e carina ma il meccanismi del libro le ruote, le leve ecc non sono molto facili da utilizzare per un bambino piccolo troppo rigide, e difficile per le manine piccole per altro non aggiungono niente al libro non ci son grandi sorprese peccato.

  2. JhWoods JhWoods says:

    This is a relatively cute bookthe illustrations are nice, but there is very little text.Just like one of the other reviewers said, the last page with the moving pizza is broken and does not work.Afraid I will rip the book trying to get it to workthey really shouldn t have sold defective product

  3. SidtheKid SidtheKid says:

    This is a cute book The construction mice work busily to build something at the end, it s revealed that they ve made a pizza My 1.5 year old son enjoys this book and is able to move all of the pieces himself There are a turn dial and some sliding pieces, and so far it s held up well.

  4. koyangi koyangi says:

    Very cute little book We really like the illustrations and colors, and what little boy doesn t love some construction machines I d give it a 5 star, but some of the moving pieces stick I bought it for a 1 year old, which I admit is too young to probably move everything on his own, but there s no way he could Even my older kids at 6 and 7 have a hard time getting the pieces moving Not sure if it s one of those things where I just got a tricky one or if it s every book, but we still enjoy looking at it.

  5. CheeseMouse CheeseMouse says:

    This is a really cute, yet simple book The pages are boards and have embedded pieces that are meant to simulate movement Some of the pieces are stiff and a little difficult to move It s hard for me personally NOT to like this book since I like mice and pizza

  6. Annie Mann Annie Mann says:

    Very attractive but it takes an adult to put the whole thing together Spoiler the mice are building a pizza Not too much of a spoiler, though, because it is hard to tell from the slightly too abstract pictures There is still lots to engage the young ones building interest in books.

  7. Stephanie D Stephanie D says:

    This is a very cute board book and has bright colors and cute decorations As other posters mentioned the movement on pages isn t all that well articulated, but I didn t expect for this price.

  8. C. Porter C. Porter says:

    My son 28 months loves hands on books that do stuff This is no exception Plus it is very short which makes it a great read for when he wants just one book before going to bed.

  9. Connie Connie says:

    The book is sturdy important for a 3 year old It is also easy to read The interactive parts are fun and so far have held up but probably will eventually be bent out of usefulness Still, cute, fun and worth the money

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    My grandson is intrigued with books and with trucks If you add in doors that open and shut, you have a favorite book for one very dear little boy.

  11. M. Gorski M. Gorski says:

    This book is okay It is about mice making a pizza I bought it as a gift for a toddler and have yet to give it to him However, being that I have baby sat little kids for over a decade, I can say he will probably like it I bought it because it is a board book, with construction trucks and such, which goes along with the Melissa and Doug truck I bought him.Overall the story isn t very logical, but it rhymes and shows mice doing construction stuff The moving parts of the book really don t make much sense to me They don t appear to really do anything to add to the story I wouldn t particularly purchase this book again.