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The Titanic sets sail again in this breathtaking account of her history OnApril , the largest and finest ocean liner of the age struck an iceberg and sank to the icy depths Discover all the glory and tragedy of the Titanic in this recreation of her fated maiden voyage This fascinating book traces its history from blueprint to ocean dream, and uncovers the factors that led to her tragic end

15 thoughts on “Titanic

  1. Mrs. S. A. Graham Mrs. S. A. Graham says:

    This was a brilliant purchase for my son who has Autism and knows everything there is to know about Titanic so he says So many different things in the book that it was like finding treasure in every page.

  2. Bob Manning Bob Manning says:

    This book was not too bad but it was rather shorter than I had anticipated and I do not think it was rather expensive than the book was worth.

  3. Mr. J. P. McKee Mr. J. P. McKee says:

    Very pleased with my purchase.

  4. Deborah E. Deborah E. says:

    Very well received by my 8 year old who is fascinated by all things Titanic, we parents also found it very informative

  5. hen hen says:


  6. personofinterest personofinterest says:

    This book is crammed full of information and is extremely educational and interesting and I m sure most children who are interested in finding out will love it.Please be aware though that some of the reviews for this book actually refer to a different version as this copy does not have a 3d model, tickets etc which was quite disappointing but is still a bargain

  7. Gabriela Marroquin Gabriela Marroquin says:

    Excelente informacin, a mi hijo le encant, aunque nos hubiera gustado mas el que es pop up sin que costara 3,000 pesos

  8. Oliver Dunne Oliver Dunne says:

    This pop up book of the Titanic is as good as pop up books can be It lengthens out into a very long copy of the ship Inside are menus and other features of the voyage, as facsimile and mini pop ups Rather dramatic really An utterly surprising gift for anyone interested in the Titanic.

  9. Ann Cain Ann Cain says:

    My grandson is fascinated by this great book and story Love it

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    i got this for my son 7 yrs age and it was MISS LEADING this one that is 11 dollars is not a pop up it is a regular book still great pictures and all but not the pop up book it needs to state that and not have the picture from pop up book thank you

  11. Knhwolf Knhwolf says:

    I purchased this book for my son for his 7th birthday We have both found it very informative It has lots pf Information about Titanic yet is written in away that He can read and understand it on his own I also found it very interesting.

  12. L. Ford Ballard, Jr. L. Ford Ballard, Jr. says:

    As I grow older 61 , it takes something like this delightful pop up book to recall the wonders of child hood for my child with in This is a perfect companion for a cold winter night s exercise of ones imagination and imaginative powers I put the cats in another room, brew a hot chocolate carefully put to the side and open with book with wonder and awe.

  13. JennK JennK says:

    The book is nice, no different than any other, however I bought this specifically for the pop up feature which the one I received did not have.Extremely disappointed.

  14. Kim W. Kim W. says:

    Awesome book, my grandson loves it