Best The Pop-Up Book of ShipsAuthor Eric Kentley –

Presents a history of ships, describing the different types of vessels that have appeared through the ages, from Spanish galleons, to merchant ships, to modern ocean liners, in a text with pop up illustrations

15 thoughts on “The Pop-Up Book of Ships

  1. Customer Customer says:

    My nephews loved this

  2. M. Bayley M. Bayley says:

    Bought for my 6 year old grandson for Christmas He s rather curious and would love to make his own pop up books This one has a brilliant pop up of a battleship in the centre spread very imposing and bigger then the book A must for pop up lovers.

  3. A. M. Papageorgiou A. M. Papageorgiou says:

    My grandsons loved this book and really tested my powers of imagination by asking me how did they do that How do they create ships that popup from nothing to fill our senses with the wonder of the sea Wish I knew but they do it and the result is a marvellous nook for adults and kids alike.

  4. J. B. Mcewen J. B. Mcewen says:

    Beautiful book

  5. aussie9 aussie9 says:

    Worth buying for the centre spread alone, it opens out to form a battleship and is quite stunning

  6. Lamberto Cesari Lamberto Cesari says:

    delivered on time

  7. EmBar EmBar says:

    Super book

  8. L. Wang L. Wang says:

    Good trading Happy customer

  9. Patrick-Toulouse- France Patrick-Toulouse- France says:

    Livre neuf, bien emball , arriv dans les d lais Tr s beaux pop up, le plus beau est un bateau de guerre se d pliant sur 4 pages un v ritable exploit Je suis bluff , et pourtant j en ai vu des pop up Je suis collectionneur

  10. ClaudiaWeb ClaudiaWeb says:

    Ich bin Sammlerin von Pop up B chern und dieses Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen, ich bin immer wieder begeistert, was machbar ist

  11. Leslie Mellor Leslie Mellor says:

    This pop up book is good but not equal to the work by Sabuda and KIta The pop up of the battleship is the best piece and this alone is worth the purchase.

  12. エナガ エナガ says:

    POP UP