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The delirious color and the shape shifting figures offer delight on every page Love IS all you needKirkus Reviews starred review The text has some of the wonderful puns from the movieSchool Library JournalAdults of a certain age will surely find it hard to take this walk down memory lane without hearing an internal soundtrackThe Horn BookThe artwork is appropriately bright and psychedelic, the dialogue replete with puns and wordplay The kids will love it, and so will their baby boomer grandparentsOrlando SentinelI have been reading YELLOW SUBMARINE to my kids for several weeks since its publication, and they are hypnotized The story is simple and brilliantEntertainment TodayA whole new generation will be climbing aboard this sunny, psychedelic storybook, while nostalgic Beatles fans of all ages will be clamoring for a ticket to rideOnce upon a time or maybe twice , some , leagues beneath the sea, there lay a colorful land of song and laughter called Pepperland, where Sergeant Pepper s Band was always playing your song until the Blue Meanies burst on the scene and chased all the music and magic away So began the classicfilm Yellow Submarine, inspired by a song and hailed as an avant garde amalgam of pop art, Beatles music, and highly innovative animation Now that film s dazzling images and its lighthearted, witty tale is showcased in a glorious picture book sure to be savored by fans and readers of all ages