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My son is Titanic mad currently and this was a stocking filler He wasn t disappointed whatsoever Even my partner loves reading it Lovely boot with informative illustration and descriptions Lovely book Whilst this is a children s book I actually bought it for myself I love the titanic and for the good price I couldn t resist buying it for my book shelf It s got great artwork and really interesting facts Bought this for my 5 year old grand daughter who is obsessed with the titanic story.Wanted something that would tell her the facts without too much gruesome detail.This fitted the bill perfectly. I bought this book for my grandson who was doing a school project on the Titanic, he loved the book and keeps going back to it to look up things and it has made him want to know about it I would recommend this book, it has plenty of information without being too over powering. One of the most tragic eevnts of the th Century is dissected in this dramatic insight into the Titanic s construction and daily life of it passengers and crew Beautiful double paged illustrations with cutaway scenes tell the story of the unsinkable liner from the start of its maiden voyage to its disasterous death On my tablet I could not zoom in so the whole thing was unreadable.Also, the whole Kindle interface is difficult to use If you want to break off from reading a book, the exit back to the library is not clear.Also, when you do managto exit you presented with an array bookss showing jus the front covers How can you choose a book from these You need easy access to book summaries, search options, such as by author, genre etc. Bought this for my 7yr old son who recently became obsessed with the Titanic He loves this book It s great for his age, lots of facts and each fact has snippets of pictures with it and you have to find the snippets in the main picture on every page He literally reads this book every daywhat he doesn t know about the Titanic now isn t worth knowing After doing a project on boats ships at school, my six year old is absolutely enthralled by the subject of the Titanic I wanted a book which was interesting, but appropriate for a young reader nothing too scary on what is after all, a tragic and deeply emotional story This fit the bill perfectly The illustrations are excellent, and the text informative and appropriate It has been read nearly every bedtime for the past few weeks admittedly, I d prefer something a bit light hearted for bed time reading, but there you go Recommended for other young Titanic enthusiasts. Bought this for my 9 year old grandaughter who is bit of a reluctant reader but has shown some interest in the real Titanic as opposed to the movie It is brilliant Her Mum says she even takes it to bed with her Her 15 year old sister who is an avid reader of all things gothic has perused it and found it worthy of a second look and all the family are impressed with the colour plates and layout If you are thinking of this book for a specific age range in my opinion any age can get something from it from around 4 years old to gran and grandads Well worth the money, will be passed on within the family, if she ever lets go of it hope this helps as it is sometimes hard to judge age suitability without seeing a book. Bought this for my 7 year old grand daughter as she was curious about the history of the Titanic She loves the book and has enjoyed reading about the history and tragedy of this ship.