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Briefly recounts the French painter s development, along with other fellow artists, of a new type of painting known as Impressionism

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  1. DisneyDenizen DisneyDenizen says:

    Homeschooling art has been one of my greatest homeschool successes Specifically, we instituted Artist of the Month as part of our homeschool curriculum Information learned stayed learned always a victory.First, I bought the Getting to Know the World s Greatest Artists book about our Artist of the Month We own 22 of these They are uniformly excellent Images featuring the artist s most famous work are interspersed with the artist s life story.Second, I bought poster board and those little Dover booklets of postcards featuring art by our Artist of the Month where available and Dover does carry a lot of them I let the kids go to town on making a poster of the Artist of the Month using these supplies The important point here was process not product, to get them to interact with the images, not to get them to produce the perfect poster This poster would then be on display throughout the month Previous months posters landed under my daughter s bed One day, she showed one of these posters to a friend I heard from the mom shortly thereafter Raquel says your daughter has pictures of naked ladies under her bed Picasso, I think Third, I bought books We were fond of the Smart About Art series Each book also features just one artist We have 8 of those These books are at a slightly higher reading level than the Getting to Know the World s Greatest Artists books, but only very slightly Colorful pages are even eye popping than those in the Getting to Know the World s Greatest Artists series.For Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci, the kids really liked the Ibi Lepscky books The titles are the same as the authors names The Picasso book is a particular favorite because of an image in which Picasso, devoid of art supplies as a child, paints his younger sister with egg yolk just before the family is due to leave for church services.Storybooks featuring the artists were always a big hit I can specifically recommend the following to round out your curriculum Laurence Anholt s books feature a story in which the artist interacts with a child There are vibrant images, but I wouldn t count on these books alone to provide an education about any one artists The books we own and love include Matisse The King of Color Cezanne and the Apple Boy Degas and the Little Dancer Camille and the Sunflowers Leonardo and the Flying Boy Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail The Magical Garden of Claude MonetAlso consider Anholt s marvelous book Anholt s Artists Activity Book.James Mayhew wrote an excellent series in which our girl Katie interacts not with the artists but with the subjects of the paintings Outstanding storytelling, clever images Again, these books are a great supplement to a homeschool art curriculum, but I would not use them as stand alone books We own and love these Katie and the Sunflowers Katie and the Mona Lisa Katie and the British Artists Katie and the Starry Night Katie and the Spanish Princess Katie Meets the ImpressionistsGood Luck and Happy Homeschooling

  2. Shelly K. Shelly K. says:

    This book, as well as all the other books in this series is a great introduction to both the artist and his artworks An essential addition to any library home, school or classroom In a day and age when fine arts programs are being slashed from our country s classrooms, these books are a great way to get children to be interested and informed.

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    I read this book with my daughter and we both enjoyed it It s very clearly written, my daughter enjoyed it, and even though I know reasonable amount about Impressionism I too learned a lot

  4. Ginni SG Ginni SG says:

    really good series I bought 20 of them.

  5. S. Kessinger S. Kessinger says:

    Great pictures and loaded with information that is easy for a 3rd grader to understand and enjoy learning about Happy with this series.

  6. Shannyn Shannyn says:

    I bought all of the books in this series for our homeschool art curriculum They are easy to read and a fun supplement that can lead to a nice trip to the Smithsonian Gallery of Art.

  7. Hildmat Hildmat says:

    My students enjoyed this book and the occasional comics inside were clevel.