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Brilliant children who are fascinated by art, or budding artists in their own rights, will absolutely love this book Global Mouse TravelsDescribes the life, works, challenges and historical background of great artists with a good sense of what historians of nine plus will find engaging New Statesman Artworks are beautifully reproduced and accompanied by loads of information about the artists life and times The School RunProvides excellent insight into the achievements of many great artists and excitingly brings to life the challenges, difficulties, and dangers they faced parentsintouchBeautifully illustrated and broken down into child friendly components Kids in MuseumsSplat traces art history through its key turning points and helps to map important art movements from the Renaissance and Impressionism to Surrealism and contemporary art At the beginning, a spread explores how early peoples represented animals and everyday life Then brief sections explore the stories of particular artists who helped to make important artistic innovations, including Michelangelo and the High Renaissance Bruegel and his paintings of everyday peasant life Manet and the shock of Impressionism and Duchamp and the Dada revolution Read the real life stories of artists, such as Caravaggio, Jan Vermeer, Henri Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky and Frida Kahlo, who dared to imagine new ways of depicting the world The achievements of these artists and the challenges, difficulties and dangers they faced are excitingly brought to life