The Secret Subway epub –

The incredibly inventive multimedia illustrations match the text perfectly and add detail, dimension, and pizazz Absolutely wonderful in every way Kirkus Reviewsstarred review Coreys absorbing story of New York Citys ill fated first subway provides an ideal venue for the sculptural artistry of Chris Sickels, aka Red Nose Studio Publishers Weeklystarred review Coreys narration brings plenty of sparkle to a story built on stealth and shadows with Red Nose Studios visual pizzazz lure ing readers through the turnstile Bulletinstarred reviewFrom an acclaimed author and a New York Times Best Illustrated artist comes the fascinating, little knownand true story of New York Citys first subway New York City in the s was a mess crowded, disgusting, filled with garbage You see, way back in , there were no subways, just cobblestone streets That is, until Alfred Ely Beach had the idea for a fan powered train that would travel underground On February after fifty eight days of drilling and painting and plastering, Beach unveiled his masterpieceand throngs of visitors took turns swooshing down the track The Secret Subway will wow readers, just as Beachs underground train wowed riders over a century agoA New York Public Library Best Book for Kids,