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Grandson love it My grandson fell in love with this book when we were on vacation so I got it for him for Christmas I know he will spend many hours with it The pictures are very nice. This is a fantastic old train book, and my 3.5 y.o who is a train specialist took to it immediately The good reviews here ring true with respect to the quality of the illustration and the juxtaposition of the two trains journeys on opposing pages as the story progresses, and my primary reason for writing this review is to point out the oddball and completely unnecessary reference the book has to a black man, who in the book is a musician It s not presented as a slur in any way, but given the age of the book and how completely gratuitous the reference is, it just seems weird, like maybe back when it was published it would have invoked some stereotype that is lost on the modern audience For that reason, I m substituting in another word in place of black when I read it aloud This bit of datedness is why I give it four instead of 5 I would certainly not avoid the book over it rather, I point it out so that some of you won t get caught by surprise on first read if you care to make an edit yourselves. I borrowed this book from our Public Library for my 2 year old train lover he picked it out for the cover and illustrations , and we both liked it so much that I purchased it on The words are simple and rhythmic and tell a simple story of traveling across the country to the west coast The beautiful pastel illustrations flesh out the words magnificently They are rich with things to look at, yet very soft and calming at the same time The parallels presented in the pictures with each left right spread are wonderfully engaging For example, I love the real train going through a rainstorm while the toy train runs past the shower in the bathroom Unlike some of the other reviewers, I believe even young 2 and up children can understand the parallels between the two train s journeys, even without coaching from their reading partner Look, Mommie, the shower is like rain for the toy train It is a wonderful vehicle to help children think creatively.For adults, there are even rewarding subtleties For example, if you look at the cover, you note the toy train is wrapped in a gift box sitting atop the luggage on the train platform in front of the real train The title pages show the box unwrapped before the story begins In the last two pages of the book, the real train reaches its destination, and the toy train is seen on the floor approaching the bed of a sleeping child I interepreted this as representing that someone who loved the child a traveling parent, relative, family friend, etc had traveled on the real train to the child s home and brought the toy train as a present for the child.The two trains cross mountains and rivers, go through dark tunnels, rain and snow storms, and travel long distances to reach their destinations As a mother, I found this to be a fine allegory of a parent s love Neither rain, nor snow, nor fringe on the rug will keep a loving parent from a child s side Each train faces trials which are difficult in their own measure for the train in question, yet each train ultimately completes its journey successfully.I find the last page the image of the toy train reaching the sleeping child, to be wonderfuly evocative Though the book ends there, as I believe it should, one can easily imagine the delighted child coming down the stairs in the morning, carrying the toy train, and looking eagerly for their loved one I have no idea if that was Ms Brown s intention, but that is how her book reached me.There are many levels on which to enjoy this book, and I heartily recommend it for age 2 and up along with their reading partners The sense of coming home to warmth and safety make it a great bedtime book as well. Book arrived promptly but had a torn page This was not mentioned I love the author and artists. Another little known Margaret Wise Brown book This book is a cute mix of trains and imagination Both my son and I enjoyed it. Simple story of 2 trains, one real and one toy, that share the same journey Wonderful to read at night or any time to calm children as the text is very soothing A Must Have for any child s library. I read this book with the YouTube video by Burle Ives Makes special memories This is a cool book for inspiring imaginative play It made my daughter her toy train in a new light A quiet story with spare poetic text for 3 and up or a keen 2 year old A nice literary book that is just perfect bedtime fun. A picture book takes preschoolers on a fun adventure as the similarities between a super fast new train and a trusty, slow going old train are presented , first printing