Pensions in Europe, European Pensions: The Evolution of Pension Policy at National and Supranational Level pdf epub –

Ce livre a re u le prix de la Soci t italienne de science politique SISP comme meilleur bouquin en sciences politiques en Italie pour la p riode Pension policy represents in many respects the corner stone of the contemporary European welfare states And its reform has emerged as a key issue in most of the European countries This book aims at improving the knowledge of the long term and recent evolution of retirement programmes and their regulation at national and supranational level It gives detailed information about pensions in nine Western and Eastern European countries Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and UK In parallel it develops the study of the European Union action in the field, through regulation, the Stability and Growth Pact and the Open Method of Coordination What does history tell us about the evolution of pensions Is it a story of stability or change Is there any convergence between European pension models And then what is the role of the European Union in the field This book provides answers to these questions and gives scholars, students and policy makers a comprehensive description of national retirement programmes as well as theoretical analysis of the reform politics, output and outcomes with a focus on national and European dynamics Pensions in Europe, European Pensions represents a promising step beyond the traditional comparative contributions, revealing the complex interaction of national and supranational institutions engaged in the most important welfare policy in the ageing European society