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Glenn Olson Was Kicking Back, Playing A Session Of Five Wars Onlinehis Favorite VRMMORPGwhen Something Happened And He Woke Up To Find His Synaptic Implant FriedNext Thing He Knows, Hes Starting To Feel A Weird Hunger That Wont Let Him Be No Matter How Much He Eats As It Turns Out, He Was Assaulted By A Lust Demon While He Lay There Unconscious, And Was Himself Changed Into One When His Digital Assistant Quarantined The Threat To Save Him And Disrupted Its SpellAs A Result Of The Interaction Between The Sandboxed Succubus And The Game He Was Playing At The Moment, Glenn Now Has Access To A Character Sheet Full With Life Points, Stats And A Long List Detailing All His New Abilities All In All, It Wouldnt Be That Bad If He Didnt Learn That Those Life Points Are Directly Tied To His Sexual Satiation, And Should Those Points Reach Zero, He Would DieNow A Fledgling Incubus, Glenn Will Have To Obey The Same Rules As Other Lust Demons To Survivethat Is To Locate New Preys And Bed Them At All Costs Theres A Small Problem Though Contrary To Regular Demons, Glenn Isnt About To Just Jump On Unsuspecting Women During Their Sleep And Ravage Them Until Death Ensues And Thus, He Probably Wont Be Able To Draw Enough Life Points, As Killing Their Victims Is The Main Way For His Kind To Satiate Their HungerHis Back Against The Wall, Glenn Will Have To Explore Alternative Ways To Earn His Points And Stay Alive, And Ultimately Gain Enough Experience To Level Up And Add New Skills To His Repertoire But First Things First, He Needs To Find Women To Test His New Skills On And Experiment Join Glenn As He Builds A Harem Of Willing Ladies And Discovers That The Key To His Survival Is To Concentrate On Their Pleasure And Bring Them To Orgasm After OrgasmWarning This Book Includes Harem Elements, Adult Situations, Game Mechanics And Explicit Language Read At Your Own Peril

5 thoughts on “The Gentleman Incubus: A LitRPG Harem Series (English Edition)

  1. Brianczi Brianczi says:

    This was actually quite an enjoyable story, with characters you can at least relate to at least partially the development and pacing are good, and the LitRPG elements are consistent with the MC s powers escalating nicely with the narrative tension I also liked how his own nature started to change the way his powers worked, making them much benign, leading to an original take on the standard Incubus trope the adult scenes are well written, even if not entirely believable the book ends with a subtle opening for another followup, but not a true cliffhanger I d recommend this if you re looking for a balanced adult novel as opposed to the ultra alpha male dominated swagger fest that seems to be everywhere these days.

  2. donald thibodeau donald thibodeau says:

    bought as a lark and I am very glad I did well written story with a damaged MC you can actually wonder where he is going Nice female characters well except one and she is as damaged as the MC but had depth really looking forward to another of these several unanswered questions that beg to be finished and a well thought out world to play in

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I will say that I was left with an equal sense of interest and disgust that I didn t want it to end I m definitely curious to know who the Mistress is and what her end goal is and even curious to know if how far Glenn falls before he finds the strength to be free and find love.

  4. Ramzes Ramzes says:

    Stars of weird and pushes boundaries but gets 5 stars The story is unique and like all of adult books the content may not be for everyone It was well written and made you care about the characters.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book was very different then other books on Barnes and I really enjoyed that I like how it progressed and I am very curios to see what happens next I will be buying the next book in the series, when it comes out.