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The Good Detective By John McMahon Is A Promising Police Procedural Debut Novel With All The Ingredients Of A Fast Paced Thriller Mystery Tribune This Unusually Accomplished Debut Is The First In A Projected Series With Marsh Still Having Demons To Deal With, The Table Is Set For Much Compelling, Character Centric Stories To Come Crime Fiction Fans Are Advised To Get In At The Start Booklist Starred Review Southern Gothic Mingles With Modern Noir KirkusJohn McMahon Is A Talented Writer With A Good Sense Of Place, And Readers Are Sure To Look Forward To Marsh S Next Outing Publishers Weekly First Fiction Is Dangerous Business Many Aspire, Few Succeed Not So With John McMahon S Debut, The Good Detective Tight, Fast And Addictive, I Blistered This Book In A Single Day It Has Everything Top Drawer Crime Fiction Demands Murder, Conflict, And A Damaged, Compelling Hero, All Delivered In Prose So Crisp And Clean McMahon Presents Like An Old Pro If He Had A Second Novel On The Shelves, I D Be Reading It Right Now John Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Hush In The Good Detective McMahon Skillfully Blends The Old And The New And Weaves It Into Spun Gold Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Robert B Parker S Colorblind The Good Detective Is A Debut With All Of The Ingredients Snappy Procedural Details, A Sharp Sense Of Place In The Deep South, And Relentless Momentum John McMahon S Outstanding First In The Series Introduces A Sardonic And Sympathetic Lead In PT Marsh, And Launches Both McMahon And Marsh Into What Promises To Be A Great Career In Crime Fiction Glen Erik Hamilton, Author Of Hard Cold Winter AndPast CrimesHOW CAN YOU SOLVE A CRIME IF YOU VE KILLED THE PRIME SUSPECT A Razor Sharp Debut With The Southern Setting Of True Detective And Sharp Objects, This Is A Perfect Read For Fans Of Acclaimed US Crime Writers Like James Lee Burke, Greg Iles, Don Winslow And Michael Connelly One Of Those Rare Writers Who Seem To Have Sprung Out Of Nowhere The Good Detective Pretty Much Perfect New York Times Book Review Mark My Words John McMahon Is About To Join The Ranks Of Crime Fiction Writers Like Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, Lee Child Goodreads ReviewerWhen Detective PT Marsh Is Called To A Murder, He Is Stunned To Find The Victim Is A Violent Thug He Confronted The Night Before Although He Left The Man Alive, Marsh S Fingerprints Are All Over The Crime Scene But When The Body Of A Teenager Is Found In A Field With A Rope Around His Neck, It Appears That The Dead Man Had A Sinister Connection To The Murder Amid Rising Anger In The Community And Intense Media Pressure, Detective Marsh Must Risk Everything To Unravel The Deadliest Of Puzzles Tight, Fast And Addictive, I Blistered This Book In A Single Day It Has Everything Top Drawer Crime Fiction Demands John Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author McMahon Skillfully Blends The Old And The New And Weaves It Into Spun Gold Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times Bestselling Author Southern Gothic Mingles With Modern Noir KirkusWHY READERS ARE HOOKED ON THE GOOD DETECTIVE This Is A Must Read For Goodreads Reviewer Hands Down One Of The Best Debut Novels I Ve Had The Pleasure Of Reading Goodreads Reviewer One Of The Best Stories With A Southern Setting That I Have Read Since I Read The Last Greg Iles Goodreads Reviewer The Good Detective Is A Wonderful Debut Goodreads Reviewer

5 thoughts on “The Good Detective: the 'pretty much perfect' US crime debut that is gripping readers everywhere (English Edition)

  1. Drwo Drwo says:

    This book is a stunner Part police procedural, part Southern gothic, part political statement, and then some no spoilers , John McMahon has created one of those detectives that will live on for, hopefully, ever P T Marsh goes wrong for all the right reasons and the cast of characters is so well drawn, the reader can imagine walking into any police station in Georgia and asking for them by name.Marsh lost his wife and child in an horrific car accident for which he blames his father in law Depressed, he hangs on by drinking and working too much and reacting to situations hastily without noticing potential consequences At one of his frequent late night drinking spots, he notices one of the waitress dancers with multiple bruises and decides to pay her abusive boyfriend a threatening visit.The following morning, P.T s memory is hazy but he does remember giving the boyfriend a bloody nose, sending the waitress to a friend s house but not much else When the boyfriend turns up dead, P.T doesn t really remember what happens but he s understandably worried he took things too far.P.T doesn t have a lot of time to worry about this as a strange murder refocuses his attention and that of his young female partner A teenage boy is found with broken elbows, partially burned and lynched in a field The circumstances are bizarre and rather than leading the reader astray with red herrings, this talented writer lays out literary bread crumbs while never letting up on the action Oh, and did I mention superstition It s the way, or at least part of it An absolute winner.At the end of this book when the writer reveals that his first book didn t sell, I laughed out loud Talk about missed opportunity This is one great writer and I am putting this one at the top of my recommended list for my dozens of friends who depend on me to recommend good reads Top of the list for this genre in 2019 for sure

  2. Karen Dionne Karen Dionne says:

    You know how sometimes you start reading a book knowing there are plenty of other things you should be doing, but you just want to take a few minutes to sample a few pages to see if all the good things you heard about the book are true And then it turns out that the book is even better than you d heard, and you end up reading the whole book straight through because you literally cannot stop This is that book If you love smart, complicated detective stories with characters as real as your next door neighbors, I guarantee you ll love THE GOOD DETECTIVE Just don t start reading unless you re prepared to finish

  3. Dave Schwinghammer Dave Schwinghammer says:

    The biggest problem I had with THE GOOD DETECTIVE was believability or suspension of disbelief.P.T Marsh, a detective on the Mason Falls, Georgia, police force, is kind of a wreck His wife and son have been killed in a car accident ,and he drinks too much He takes it out on a Neo nazi who s been beating up his stripper girlfriend Then the guy turns up dead and P.T doesn t remember whether he did it our not He tries to cover up having been there.Meanwhile he and his partner, Remy, are investigating a hate crime A teenage black boy has been burned and lynched It s not clear if he was alive when he was set on fire, but P.T gets rid of the rope it would incite a riot if the black population found out this sort of thing was still happening, but a cop shouldn t be hiding evidence.P.T is a good detective He soon finds out, primarily through library newspaper research this sort of thing has been happening every twenty five years and he s pretty sure if it were possible he d find murders every twenty five years, going back to 1865 At the scene of the first crime, he finds the word Rise , as in the South will rise again He s able to search old newspapers back to 1943 and the victims are always a boy and a girl, so he has to find the girl in the most recent crime.Then he discovers the weird stuff The farmer on whose property the fire was set won the lottery Another guy hit the jackpot at the racetrack, picking the first four horses in two successive races Impossible, huh Well, part of the reasoning behind the murders is the murders will help give the fraternal organization behind the murders luck They always pick black families who are involved in Civil Rights The last two had minister fathers.P.T checks the scene from the last time this happened, on the Hester family farm, plantation or whatever He runs into two thugs, one of whom is over seven feet tall Really He also encounters Wade Hester to son of the owner who appears to be suicidal Why P.T and his partner try to save the girl in the most recent crime For some reason they haven t killed her yet But somebody in the police department is in cahoots with the Order, the fraternal organization And this is how P.T solves the case he starts accusing everybody on the force, and you won t believe who was ultimately responsible, at least in respect to hiding what was happening Neither did I.

  4. V. A Ortiz V. A Ortiz says:

    I absolutely LOVED this book The characters were fascinating and real The Old Sputh part of it was interesting and true to form I grew up in the South The book was suspenseful I am waiting for his next book which I will buy The best part for me was that his dog talked to him.mine do too He was a good detective and it took everything he had to solve the case.

  5. Ian Fontaine Ian Fontaine says:

    A fantastic read by a fantastic author A complex mystery with hints of noir, southern Gothic, and social consciousness wrapped into one Keeps you going from start to finsh.