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WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERThis Is Britain As You Ve Never Seen ItThis Is Britain As It Has Never Been ToldFrom Newcastle To Cornwall, From The Birth Of The Twentieth Century To The Teens Of The Twenty First, Girl Woman Other Follows A Cast Of Twelve Characters On Their Personal Journeys Through This Country And The Last Hundred Years They Re Each Looking For Something A Shared Past, An Unexpected Future, A Place To Call Home, Somewhere To Fit In, A Lover, A Missed Mother, A Lost Father, Even Just A Touch Of Hope Masterful A Choral Love Song To Black Womanhood In Modern Great Britain Elle Exceptional Ambitious, Flowing And All Encompassing, An Offbeat Narrative That Ll Leave Your Mind In An Invigorated Whirl It Unites Poetry, Social History, Women S Voices And Beyond You Have To Order It Right Now Stylist Bernardine Evaristo Can Take Any Story From Any Time And Turn It Into Something Vibrating With Life Ali Smith, Author Of How To Be Both Sparkling, Inventive Sunday Times Funny, Sad, Tender And True, Deserves To Win Awards Red Brims With Vitality Financial TimesSHORTLISTED FOR THE GORDON BURN PRIZE

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  1. ETG ETG says:

    I put this book down after spending 452 pages reading about lesbians, transexuals, polyamorous people, gender non conformists, black feminists, white feminists, gay men, transvestites and I was left with one overarching feeling we re all the same No matter how one identifies or one s orientation, we are all people who want to be loved, who have feelings, who suffer, who experience joy.This message that we re alike than we might believe is brought home at the end of the novel where after being shocked by the results of a DNA test, one of the characters notes if there s one thing she s learned in the past forty eight hours, anyone can be a relative Modern DNA tests increasingly prove that race is a social construct, created to oppress certain people Who among us can say we are purebloods This message is further advanced by the discussions of gender, mainly, that like race, gender might just be a social construct Yes, we are born male or female, but femininity and masculinity are defined by culture.Where the book really shines is in Evaristo s discussion of feminism After swimming through the fascinating worlds of the LGBTQ community, and coming to understand that no trans person can speak for any other trans person, that the individuals making up the LGBTQ community are as unique from each other as anyone else, the real message of the novel starts to shine through It s a novel about feminism And it takes this concept to a new level.The novel reveres feminism and feminists while it acknowledges the negative cultural attitudes held of feminists from the 1960 s The new feminist is unapologetic and willing to state who she is This book will definitely force you to consider your own beliefs about where you stand vis a vis our patriarchal culture Even Amma, the main character who is a radical feminist and lesbian, questioned whether she was a true feminist Yazz was the miracle she never thought she wanted, and having a child really did complete her, something she rarely confided because it somehow seemed anti feminist p 36 Yazz, 19 years old, challenges her mother to broaden her definition of feminism F eminism is so herd like, Yazz told her, to be honest, even being a woman is pass these days, we had a non binary activist at uni called Morgan Malenga who opened my eyes, I reckon we re all going to be non binary in the future, neither male nor female, which are gendered performances anyway, which means your women s politics Mumsy, will become redundant p 39 The idea that feminism goes beyond gender politics, because gender is really irrelevant, is just one of the revolutionary concepts Evaristo throws at us, willy nilly.The novel begins and ends the opening night of a performance of Amma s play Amma s been rejected from the National stage for 30 years Her plays are revolutionary too outrageous Finally, she gets her shot The play is about women warriors who have female slaves and guard the palace because men cannot be trusted not to cut off the king s head or castrate him, who fought their neighbors and the French who come to colonize the country, where male babies are killed The hero is a female warrior cast out because she cannot bear the king a child, and becomes the fiercest warrior, fighting wars that include fighting off slave ships looking for captives for the American slave trade Amma and Yazz fear the critics who could derail her longed for success I won t spoil it by expressing their opinions.The novel is divided into five chapters and an epilogue In each chapter, except the final After party one, three women are described The characters are rich and generally bold, different from characters we generally see in literary fiction Different in that they all struggle with feminism, their identities, and their sexual orientation While the chapters at first glance seem they could be separate stories, the women are all related in some fashion, whether through blood, friendship, or mentorship.My favorite section is Chapter 4 about Megan Morgan Megan is a little confused She ends up in online chatrooms trying to understand herself She meets Bibi During their on line chats, we get an education about the differences between transsexuals and transgendered people, and especially about feminism in the LGBTQ community So Bibi had been born a man and was now a woman and Megan was a woman who wondered if she should have been born a man, who was attracted to a woman who d once been a man, who was now saying gender was full of misguided expectations anyway even though she herself had transitioned from male to female this was such head fuckery Head fuckery indeed So many ideas expressed in the novel are head fuckery Yet somehow these people muddle through, make mistakes, and figure out who they are This novel is unabashedly contemporary.It s no wonder it made the Booker Prize Shortlist for 2019.

  2. Shaun Deane Shaun Deane says:

    Extraordinary Has it all incredible character development, a compelling structure, and an ending that is painfully beautiful, with a twist I did not want to let these characters go Executed flawlessly What an achievement

  3. Jill I. Shtulman Jill I. Shtulman says:

    Girl, Woman, Other is a joy It s a celebration of black women s voices old and young, gay and straight and non binary, embittered and hopeful, rich and poor without ever becoming pedantic And this book is something it takes the feminine archetypes lover, maiden, mother, queen bee, huntress, sage and turns them on their ear, creating something totally original.There is Amma, whom the author says is loosely based on herself, a lesbian socialist playwright who is about to stage the culmination of her life s work and her daughter Yazz and her squad of university friends who is trying to figure it all out There is Dominique, a beautiful black woman who falls under the spell of a gorgeous, charismatic, and African American woman who browbeats her to give up her independence and submit completely.There s Shirley, a teacher who simply or not so simply wants to give kids a fighting chance and her sensually starved mother, who may very well be one of the most toxic mothers in recent literature There s non binary Megan Morgan, who builds her identity through the Internet and her great grandmother Hattie GG a strong 93 year old survivor who is harboring a secret And there s HER mother, Grace, who won the lottery by marrying a wealthy farm owner and who struggles for quite a while with infertility And that s just for starters.This harmony of women s voices a cross section of black British women deals with everything from mother daughter relationships, incest of sorts, power struggles, yearning for love, assimilation with white partners, and far As the novel progresses, the women become interrelated and interconnected in unexpected ways And always, Bernardine Evaristo s luscious prose actually, a hybrid between prose and poetry serves as the foundation for the story.The result is downright exhilarating In a fair world, Girl, Woman, Other should have been the sole recipient of this year s Booker Prize It is, quite simply, why we read.

  4. Kris Heywood Kris Heywood says:

    Yep, I was blown away by this book Just finished reading it I d never heard of the author, Bernardine Evaristo, just got interested because she shared the Booker Prize with Margaret Atwood Girl, Woman, Other is fabulous just as it is The ending, of course, is the grand icing on the cake, the final piece of the puzzle that makes one perfect whole I like how we see each character from several perspectives, giving us a holistic image I like how the characters relate to each other and the world I like the complete honesty and empathy with which Evaristo broaches the subject of race and gender and humanity I have a special place in my heart for Hattie and for Morgan And now, of course, I must buy and read Bernardine s complete works, and am looking forward to the task.

  5. English professor English professor says:

    A delightful, amusing survey of women of Britain, focused on a playwright who has a successful play at the National Theatre The various stories are told in the voices of a panoply of individuals These people are linked in various ways I only wish that Evaristo had won the 2019 Booker Prize by herself She is a sole soul winner.