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The Five Books That Changed My Life WomanIn The Cloud Washed Airspace Between The Cornfields Of Illinois And Blue Infinity, A Man Puts His Faith In The Propeller Of His Biplane For Disillusioned Writer And Itinerant Barnstormer Richard Bach, Belief Is As Real As A Full Tank Of Gas And Sparks Firing In The Cylinders Until He Meets Donald Shimoda Former Mechanic And Self Described Messiah Who Can Make Wrenches Fly And Richard S Imagination SoarIn Illusions, The Unforgettable Follow Up To His Phenomenal New York Times Bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach Takes To The Air To Discover The Ageless Truths That Give Our Souls Wings That People Don T Need Airplanes To Soar That Even The Darkest Clouds Have Meaning Once We Lift Ourselves Above Them And That Messiahs Can Be Found In The Unlikeliest Places Like Hay Fields, One Traffic Light Midwestern Towns, And Most Of All, Deep Within Ourselves

5 thoughts on “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (English Edition)

  1. Raul C Freitas Raul C Freitas says:

    This is one of my favorite books EVER I ve read it dozens of times it s short enough to read at a single sitting However, the latest version of the Mass Market Paperback has INCREDIBLY small print I purchased this as a high school graduation gift for my nephew, and imagine my surprise when I opened it to inscribe the book The typeface must be 8 points if that I would not inflict this small of type on anyone not even my 18 year old nephew who has perfect vision I m returning it for another version, because even a great book, which this is, needs to be able to be READ WITHOUT A MAGNIFYING GLASS

  2. ♫NewHorizons♫ ♫NewHorizons♫ says:

    Here Richard Bach took advantage of the popularity of the mystical approach of Carlos Castaneda Now, to his credit, Bach doesn t claim his main character, Don Shimoda, was real, let alone that his exploits actually occurred, which was the unpardonable sin of the Castaneda stories of Don Juan Castaneda claimed he was engaged in scientific, ethnographic research and the events were true But my issue with Illusions is that it appears to me like a watered down version of the main theme of Castaneda s first four books, and it is, simply, nowhere near as interesting.I m being generous giving Illusions 3 stars.Or, maybe, that s part of the illusion.

  3. Michael Buley Michael Buley says:

    First read it when it was published Few books stay with me This one did, and still does We learn, we keep learning We play, we create, we look at our creations, our life, our lives And we can realize that it s all quite beautiful, and we can laugh and delight in all of it And create anew, and be a witness to it all with wonder and awe Read this book, and again if it stays with you.

  4. Namaste Namaste says:

    Loved this book when I was 17 still love it at age 50 The lessons still hold up and the quotes are still amazing.If you never read this in the 70s, do yourself a favor and read it now.

  5. James Kenney James Kenney says:

    I have mixed feeling about this book, and was tempted to give it 3 stars, but decided that was unfair In some ways this strikes a serious Buddhist practitioner as fluff, yet in a real way, this book presents some of the concepts of Buddhism in an easy to read, startling way It has a story, a bit of mystery, and a lot of discussions about the nature of reality as a projection of our mind.Illusions puts forth in an entertaining style, the ancient Greek philosophy of solipsism, the idea that only mind exists, and what we consider the real world is merely a projection of our own thoughts, desires, concepts and intentions Ultimately, this idea is hard to distinguish from Buddhist epistemology, or even from Neoplatonic thought It is virtually impossible to disprove, and almost equally difficult to believe Anyone who has been in a car accident, suffered a major health crisis, been a victim of serious crime, or fought in a war, will have a hard time accepting the premise of this book.I certainly did It is a fun read, a fun idea, but ultimately, it does not allow one to levitate a socket wrench one of the incidents described or become a Messiah, reluctant or otherwise Mostly, the idea is a sort of locked room mystery, in that there is no way to really penetrate the illusion to reach the truth.