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With A Stellar Cast Of Narrators, This Prequel To Card S Sci Fi Classic Ender S Game Is A Rollicking, Rollercoaster Ride Of An AdventureFrom The Very Beginning Of This Audio Edition, The Almost Nonstop Action Is Delivered Perfectly, Keeping Listeners On The Edge Of Their Seats At The Same Time, The Narrators Manage To Bring A Large And Diverse Cast Of Characters To Life With A Sharply Realized Array Of Distinct Voices And Accents Publishers Weekly, Starred ReviewThe Gifted Stefan Rudnicki Leads A Team Of Talented Narrators Who Do An Excellent Job Of Keeping Vivid And Focused The Two Dozen Or So Characters And Multiple LocationsOrson Scott Card Remains A Master Storyteller, And Each Narrator Is Right There With Him As He Mixes Hard Science And Psychological Insights Right Up To The Cliff Hanger Ending AudioFile Magazine, Earphones Award Winner A Standout Tale Of SF Adventure That Gives Ender Series Fans Fascinating Backstory To The ClassicEnder S Game Library Journal On Earth UnawareTHE FUTURE OF HUMANITY HANGS IN THE BALANCEOne Hundred Years Before Ender S Game, The Aliens Arrived On Earth With Fire And Death This Is The Story Of The First Formic WarVictor Delgado Beat The Alien Ship To Earth, But Just Barely Not Soon Enough To Convince Sceptical Governments That There Was A Threat They Didn T Believe That Until Space Stations And Ships And Colonies Went Up In Sudden FlameAnd When That Happened, Only Mazer Rackham And The Mobile Operations Police Could Move Fast Enough To Meet The ThreatFollowing Earth Unaware Comes This Thrilling Second Novel In The First Formic War A Space Adventure Series Set In The World Of Bestselling Science Fiction Classic Ender S GameBooks By Orson Scott Card Alvin Maker Novels Seventh Son Red Prophet Prentice Alvin Alvin Journeyman Heartfire The Crystal CityEnder Wiggin Saga Ender S Game Speaker For The Dead Xenocide Children Of The Mind Ender In Exile Homecoming The Memory Of The Earth The Call Of The Earth The Ships Of The Earth Earthfall EarthbornFirst Formic War With Aaron Johnston Earth Unaware Earth Afire Earth Awakens Earth Afire is the second volume of The First Formic War series written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston The series is a prequel to the very popular Ender s Game, which won the Nebula Award for best novel in 1985 and the Hugo Award for best novel in 1986 In Earth Unaware, the first volume of the First Formic War series, a group of asteroid miners in deep space are attacked by the Formic ship and its insect like aliens The miners attempt to stop the ship and try to warn Earth that the ruthless aliens are on their way In Earth Afire, the second volume of the series, the Formic ship reaches Earth Occupation forces of the vicious insectoids land on Earth in seemingly invulnerable vessels The Formics are not interested in communicating or negotiating with humans They are only interested in killing humans and transforming the environment of planet Earth to make it their home This book picks up where Earth Unaware ends and some of the same surviving characters play leading roles in a desperate and gruesome struggle to survive against the overwhelming Formic technology and brutality It is an action packed violent story that pushes the reader to the brink of despair, because it also includes a very human story that reveals terrified people struggling to survive and trying to help each other Card and Johnston weave several subplots into a complex story that includes human greed and power struggles, political conflicts that decrease the ability for humanity to effectively fight the Formics, and much interesting futuristic scientific and technical description and discussion dealing with space travel and warfare I enjoyed this book very much and I recommend it to any science fiction reader, but especially those who enjoy military or alien invasion science fiction However, potential readers should know that this is volume two of a planned three volume series and this book leaves many unresolved storylines I am eager to read the next volume. This was my first Orson Scott Card book.After seeing the recent ENDER movie, I wanted to get into the Ender story universe that Card created, but rather than reading the first book, I decided to start with the prequels, so that I could follow the story in proper chronological order So, having said that, I haven t read any of the other books besides Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, Earth Awakens , so I m not really privy to the whole Ender universe story yetIt was difficult to set down the book actually my kindle and I read thru this book in a span under two weeks The story seems to move quite fast, and you re introduced to various characters that you love or grudgingly tolerate and see things from their unique perspectives There are unexpected things too, such as sadness from an unexpected loss, the thought processes of how one makes a decision, and revealing perspectives of systems and people Spoiler Alert If you read this book, you ll find that it s unfinished It has an ending, but you really need to read books 1 Earth Unaware and 3 Earth Awakens to get the full story Even still, apparently 3 books are on the way to complete the rest of the story, but they haven t been released yet I can t wait The sequel novel to Earth Unaware is Earth Afire.None of the books of this series going on 3 in June 2014 stands on its own But the overall writing style, shifting from scene to scene and seeing them merge at the end works well with Card s and Johnston s style of writing.Earth Unaware introduced us to Victor, a kid who is very smart with mechanics, who works as part of a family of miners light years from Earth.Earth Afire leaves the Fathers the paranoid Lem who thinks his father is two faced but often exhibits the same characteristics as his father Colonel Wit, who leads a crack team of soldiers and attempts to make inroads in stopping the invasion despite his orders from above not to interfere and Imala, a smart gal with not a lot of people skills.Victor was the most ambitious character at Earth Unaware, but becomes a know it all, sarcastic brat in Earth Afire Here s hoping the next book vindicates him as he somehow makes it aboard the mothership Not even close to as good as Earth Unaware It s a definite step down from the previous book Riding on the coattails of previously well created characters, this book trails into what s like an action sci fi, emphasis on the fi An element introduced for 1 page in the book ends up being a pivotal device later in the book and plays no other role It s as if the author got to the end of the book and said How should they beat the aliens WHAT IF I MADE THIS Ok I should add it in somewhere before in some random paragraph.As much as I want to know what happens because it s the ender universe and first formic war first contact is a great concept I ve decided not to buy the third book as it s reportedly even worse. Al nivel de otros libros de Card Sin embargo, como su predecesor, vuelve a ser un fragmento de un libro No se puede considerar un libro en si mismo Un poco timo en ese aspecto, dividirlo en tres.