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A Mesmerising Study Of The Psycho Sexual Obsession Extraordinarily Well Written The Times One Of Those Rare, Brilliantly Written Books You Want To Press On Other People Time Out A Wonderful Tale Of Ambition, Insanity, Passion And Deceit Publishers Weekly A Unique Voice In American Crime Writing Sunday Telegraph The Outstanding Crime Writer Of His Generation The IndependentA Neo Noir Crime Novel From The Legendary Crime Novelist James Ellroy Los Angeles, Th January A Beautiful Young Woman Walked Into The Night And Met Her Horrific Destiny Five Days Later, Her Tortured Body Was Found Drained Of Blood And Cut In Half The Newspapers Called Her The Black Dahlia Two Cops Are Caught Up In The Investigation And Embark On A Hellish Journey That Takes Them To The Core Of The Dead Girl S Twisted Life

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  1. Rocco T. Rocco T. says:

    mitica como la pelicula un viaje

  2. Barb in Fla. Barb in Fla. says:

    I give this a Fair rating Having researched the facts of the real Black Dahlia murder case after seeing a documentary, I was curious to see how Ellroy s book would treat the story While the author weaves his own tale using the basic facts of the true story, I was disappointed in the quality of his writing His prose is trite, to say the least He endeavors though not always succeeds to use period argot and gives authentic descriptions of late 1940s Los Angeles, but I felt his characters were very poorly developed And the leading character cops, for example, use language that a writer with an education would use, but not likely two prizefighters turned police at that time would be to use The Black Dahlia of the title is not the main story, so the title is misleading I have other criticisms as well, such as Ellroy s obvious dislike for law enforcement which permeates the book I bought two Ellroy books because I liked the film made from L.A Confidential and wanted to see whether he is an author whose books I would like to read of I ll give him another chance when I read L.A Confidential I hope he is not another James Patterson, whom I tried and gave up on after reading 2 books which I felt were hopeless junk.

  3. Siddhartha P. Jayanthi Siddhartha P. Jayanthi says:

    I am a voracious reader, but even then I usually read no than 2 chapters a day on any novel This is probably the first novel I ve read in a long time that couldn t let me go I would tell myself that I read only 1 chapter for the day and then 5 chapters later I was wanting It is very hackneyed and cliched to say that the book is better than the movie, but never in my lifetime has this been true Ellroy s craft is none like any other in which each simple sentence conveys depth deep within collective id of humanity s psyche.

  4. Mal Warwick Mal Warwick says:

    No history of Los Angeles is complete without at least a passing reference to the Black Dahlia murder in 1947, when a young woman named Elizabeth Short was brutally tortured, murdered, and mutilated The case dominated the press for weeks and left a lasting imprint on the city s image of itself A total of 750 investigators became involved, producing 150 suspects Yet the case remains unsolved, despite innumerable theories advanced in a torrent of books, magazine stories, and media interviews One of the best known of those books was crime writer James Ellroy s 1987 novel, The Black Dahlia In the book, published forty years after the event, Ellroy offers his own, entirely fictional theory of the case.In Ellroy s imagination, two L.A cops are drafted into the investigation of the murder They re both large men and champion boxers who had recently celebrated their fifteen minutes of fame for fighting each other in a high profile match The two men, Dwight Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard, both become obsessed with the case and that obsession ultimately leads them to their doom Our partnership was nothing but a bungling road to the Dahlia, Bucky muses And in the end, she was to own the two of us completely A fiendishly complex story about the Black Dahlia murderThe plot in The Black Dahlia is the most fiendishly complex I ve encountered in a long time Just when you think Bucky has solved the case, something else comes to light, and he s forced to shift his attention to someone else And that happens several times It s exhausting However, Ellroy s style is compelling, and his portrayal of the LAPD during the most corrupt period in its history is fascinating The out of control violence and sheer sadism of some of Bucky and Lee s colleagues is appalling Yet I have no reason to believe the picture is anything but accurate.In a curious Afterword to the novel written in 2006, Ellroy confesses that his obsession with the Black Dahlia case arose from the murder of his own mother when he was ten years old The death corrupted my imagination, he writes The novel was a salutary ode to Elizabeth Short and a self serving and perfunctory embrace of my mother About the authorJames Ellroy is the quintessential Los Angeles crime writer He s the author of fifteen novels, most notably The Black Dahlia and L A Confidential The two books were part of his L A Quartet, four novels published between 1987 and 1992 that gained him a wide following among mystery fans He s currently at work on a second L A Quartet, having completed two novels to date.

  5. Terry Terry says:

    I bought the Kindle version, but added the audio to it and ended up listening because of the excellent narration I am still reeling from the author s powerful prose Excellent film noir atmosphere the narrator s performance was absolutely superb His voice was so versatile and compelling, it really made me stick with this book I know I would have put it down if I was just reading by myself His voice and the narrative take you right back to the 1940 s, right after WWII The writing is excellent the subject matter is almost beyond a nightmare, not for faint hearted The narrative is gritty, somewhat pornographic and definitely not of our politically correct times I have to admit I found parts of it offensive It was not easy to listen to, but the dialogue sounded authentic to how policemen must have spoke at the time.The storyline had so many highs and lows twists and turns, especially near the end This book is a work of fiction, based on two murders, one famous murder of a young woman in California and another murder of the author s own mother It s not just a crime drama, it s a study of obsession, guilt and redemption.

  6. EarlyBird EarlyBird says:

    Ellroy knows how to write This is truly one of those books you won t be able to put down It is a grim, dark and brilliant old school crime noir thriller There are good cops and bad cops and conflicted cops Dialogue is snappy like an old black and white noir thriller You have femme fatales and hustlers on the make The cop slang of post war LA is terrific, and Angelenos will be thrilled by the description of 1947 LA As an LA native, I found myself constantly looking up addresses mentioned in the book.The story is gripping and impossible to put down It stays with you This is a brutal and far realistic version of Dashiell Hammet The main character is fully drawn, and emotionally very bare The only reason I didn t give the book a full five stars is that I didn t believe the ending fully But it s powerful book, very much worth reading I can t wait to finish off Ellroy s LA Quartet.