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Sin duda mejor que los dos anteriores La segunda parte del libro es adictiva hasta no poder parar La acci n al rededor de los personajes es trepidante. Of Those Who Work In The Grand Epic Fantasy Tradition, George R R Martin Is By Far The Best In Fact This Is As Good A Time As Any To Proclaim Him The American Tolkien Time Long Live George Martin A Literary Dervish, Enthralled By Complicated Characters And Vivid Language, And Bursting With The Wild Vision Of The Very Best Tale Tellers The New York Times One Of The Best Series In The History Of Fantasy Los Angeles TimesHBOs Hit Series A GAME OF THRONES Is Based On George R R Martins Internationally Bestselling Series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, The Greatest Fantasy Epic Of The Modern Age A STORM OF SWORDS Is The Third Volume In The SeriesThe Seven Kingdoms Are Divided By Revolt And Blood Feud, And Winter Approaches Like An Angry Beast Beyond The Northern Borders, Wildlings Leave Their Villages To Gather In The Ice And Stone Wasteland Of The Frostfangs From There, The Renegade Brother Mance Rayder Will Lead Them South Towards The WallThe Men Of The Nights Watch Are Ready For The Coming Of A Great Cold And The Walking Corpses That Travel With It But Now They Face A Horde Of Wildlings Twenty Thousand Strong Hungry Savage People Steeped In The Dark Magic Of The Haunted Wilderness Poised To Invade The Kingdom Of The North Where Robb Stark Wears His New Forged CrownBut Robbs Defences Are Ranged Against Attack From The South, The Land Of House Starks Enemies The Lannisters His Sisters Are Trapped There, Dead Or Likely Yet To Die, At The Whim Of The Lannister Boy King Joffrey Or His Depraved Mother Cersei, Regent Of The Iron Throne Cerseis Ambition Is Unfettered While The Dwarf Tyrion Lannister Fights For His Life, A Victim Of TreacheryAnd On The Other Side Of The Ocean, The Last Of The Targaryens Rears The Dragons She Hatched From Her Husbands Funeral Pyre Daenerys Stormborn Will Return To The Land Of Her Birth To Avenge The Murder Of Her Father, The Last Dragon King On The Iron Throne La entrega fue inmediata lo que no me ha gustado es el formato del libro bolsillo, para ser un volumen tan gordo la anchura del libro es demasiado reducido lo que dificultara su manejo a la hora de leerlo. EL libro en general est bien y es barato, pero sus p ginas al igual que su portada son muy finas y da la sensacion de que se hubieran mojada con tantas curvas que daxD pero en general bien. I ve read all the published books of the series and this one was excellent Fast moving lots of things happen and even the characters that I hate weren t specially annoying to read tudkyulk hm cgn jn lb neron euvb bn wbj vn ol b hijnv kH JM hboiefbvi bouhn jbn on ob b. I chose this book because I couldn t wait for the 4rd season of the tv series to begin again.It s a long book and the 4rd season may start in the middle, but it s definitely better than the series.The format is quite thick but small, and the writing size is correct.The only problem is that the letters seem to smudge a bit under your fingertips when you hold the page for a long time I wish he wouldn t keep killing off my favourite characters but there are so many twists and turns it keeps your attention.