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Firstly the item came in perfect condition, so I ll give it 4 stars 1 docked off to better reflect my experience toward potential buyers.A little background I have played the game fully and listened to read the concert readings and supplementary material So I was expecting it to be somewhere along the lines of the concert script But it s nowhere near that.Review on the story 2 5The actual content, put simply, is a huge waste of time It s a summary of the game events, and that I wouldn t have minded if it was don t well However the progression is choppy and rushed, and the characters feelings are expressed awkwardly To fans, you re better off sticking with the game experience rather than spending time reading this book It won t tell you anything you don t already know, and it might only slightly help you if you are confused by the game Even then, I d recommend looking up explanations online instead and also reading memory cage concert scripts.To people who haven t played the game, I also wouldn t recommending picking it up It s not a good stand alone novel by any means And it would be extremely confusing if there was no context, since there were many events to cover in a short novel I would say just to buy the game instead if you have the means.TL DR it s a nice item for collecting, and 10 is pretty good deal It s not really worth the read, however. Experience The World And Characters Of The Hit Video Game Franchise When Alien Forces Invade With An Army Of Machines, The Remnants Of Humanity Must Depend On Androids Of Their Own Designthe Placid B And The Excitable Sto SurviveFrom Pod To Fans Of NieR AutomataRecommendation The Action To Finish Reading This Novel Ref Long Story Short Response A Novel Is A Story That Used To Be Told By HumansQuestion The Definition Of The Word Interesting Answer A Possible Definition Is That The Ability To Continue Reading This Novel Makes It Interesting Es lo que esperaba I am 90% through the book and I think I am in a position to give the bottom line about a potential purchase I experienced the story via the video game and loved it In fact, it is now the best game I have ever played Therefore it was basically a reflex action to pre order The main story line is there and given the inherent benefits of written literature I was able to glean some details in specific areas of the story For example, in some parts of the book the writer would explain what was going on in 9S or 2B s mind I thought this added to my understanding behind their motivations and gave another layer of enjoyment I became connected to their causes and motivations Overall this facilitated a greater connection to the characters A connection which I think one may not attain if they did not play the game This brings me to the flaws in the book.I agree with my fellow reviewers who stated that the book was poorly written I do not speak nor can I read Japanese but it is clear that some parts of the book were not written using traditional English literature tools As a result I got the impression that some of the content was lifted from the original Japanese It was a bit distracting at times but not overwhelming to the point where I lost immersion Simple misspelling and the use of words and phrases not indigenous to the game was a bit distracting One major example of this was on page 22 where the Machines recited the phrase this is no good To anyone playing the game it was obvious that the phrase should have been this cannot continue In fact, one of the popular songs from the game goes by the same name as the Machines recite the mantra over a wonderfully rendered track It was disappointing to see this but it did not take away from the fact that as a fan I was reliving the story again.So the bottom line If you ve played NieR Automata, loved the story and want to consume every ounce of this experience, then you re probably willing to overlook the aforementioned flaws If you are new to the NieR franchise then entering with this book will likely devalue your experience and interpretation of what is otherwise one of the best video games of this generation. This book isn t great, though I m hesitant to immediately point to a bad translation as being the culprit here As a Japanese speaker but one without access to the original text , it feels like the writing is adapted too faithfully from what was probably a mediocre original text Lots of short, choppy sentences that are too straightforward 2B surveyed her surroundings She saw two Machines She drew her sword and slashed at them They exploded, showering her with sparks She moved onward That sort of thing, ad nauseum.A skillful and liberal translation could have elevated it, but the bottom line is that this book isn t terribly entertaining, insightful, or well composed Save your money and support better releases in the same vein, i.e Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner by Yu Godai translator Kevin Frane. For NieR fans collectors only If you actually plan on reading this, be prepared for some horrid writing Typos, inconsistent terms, clumsy writing, and plain hard to understand writing are common It needed another few passes in the editing phase.I haven t finished it yet, but so far, there s almost no value in reading this over just playing NieR Automata again And if you haven t played the game and expect this to be a comparable experience It s not This horribly translated book will just ruin the experience for you Play the game instead. A n tengo que hacerme con el segundo que han sacado, pero si eres fan de NieR Automata y del universo creado por Yoko Taro, no puedes dejarlo pasar. Ingl s sencillo para el que no domine el idioma, imprescindible si te gust el videojuego.