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Prepare To Fall In Love With Binti Neil GaimanWinner Of The Hugo Award And The Nebula Award For Best Novella Her Name Is Binti, And She Is The First Of The Himba People Ever To Be Offered A Place At Oomza University, The Finest Institution Of Higher Learning In The Galaxy But To Accept The Offer Will Mean Giving Up Her Place In Her Family To Travel Between The Stars Among Strangers Who Do Not Share Her Ways Or Respect Her CustomsKnowledge Comes At A Cost, One That Binti Is Willing To Pay, But Her Journey Will Not Be Easy The World She Seeks To Enter Has Long Warred With The Meduse, An Alien Race That Has Become The Stuff Of Nightmares Oomza University Has Wronged The Meduse, And Binti S Stellar Travel Will Bring Her Within Their Deadly ReachIf Binti Hopes To Survive The Legacy Of A War Not Of Her Making, She Will Need Both The Gifts Of Her People And The Wisdom Enshrined Within The University, Itself But First She Has To Make It There, AliveThe Binti SeriesBook Binti Book Binti HomeBook Binti The Night MasqueradePRAISE FOR BINTI Binti Is A Supreme Read About A Sexy, Edgy Afropolitan In Space It S A Wondrous Combination Of Extra Terrestrial Adventure And Age Old African Diplomacy Unforgettable Wanuri Kahiu, Award Winning Kenyan Film Director Of Punzi And From A Whisper

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  1. Manuel del Jesus Manuel del Jesus says:

    Compr el libro debido a la cantidad de buena publicidad que ten a y me ha defraudado El libro presenta algunas ideas interesantes, sobre todo en lo que respecta al mundo en que se desarrolla la historia Sin embargo, gran parte de los elementos son decoraci n pura, no tienen ni explicaci n ni motivaci n Continuos Deux ex machina que sirven para justificar la siguiente acci n de los personajes los cuales parecen vivir en una huida hacia adelante que no nos permite empatizar nada con ellos Se entiende que hay motivaciones, pero apenas se explican y en los casos en que se hace, las explicaciones son simplistas e incluso absurdas.El segundo libro Binti Home, es todav a peor, as que creo que el tercero me lo ahorro directamente.

  2. E. S. Canela E. S. Canela says:

    This is a short, cute story but apart from the granted not that often mentioned african angle, I found it slightly overpraised But it is read in a short time and is emotionally satisfying even if it does need a slight suspension of belief Brown mud has SPECTACULAR uses on extraterrestrial WARMONGERING extraterrestial at that beings with a happy happy ending Puh lease

  3. Ana TM Ana TM says:

    It is a fine book, but it lacks subtlety and a bit of direction However, it is a fun and quick read.

  4. Cliente de academics20193.se Cliente de academics20193.se says:

    It s short and good and there are , so no harm done D

  5. Maria Haskins Maria Haskins says:

    Nnedi Okorafor s science fiction novella Binti is a suspenseful and exhilarating read that plunges you headlong into a future world where space ships are living creatures, and humanity is just one of many space faring civilizations It also plunges you into the mind and life of Binti, a Himba girl, raised in the African desert, who has a singular talent for advanced mathematics Among her own people, Binti s talents make her a masterful harmonizer and maker of astrolabes computer like devices that are a specialty among the Himba But her talents have also won her a place at the famous Oomza University, located somewhere far away from Earth.Binti desperately wants to go to Oomza Uni However, few Himba ever leave home, and when she steps on board the spaceship that will take her to university without telling anyone in her family what she is about to do it is a momentous decision Her trip takes a violent turn when the ship is attacked, and Binti s struggle to survive and the transformation it eventually leads to makes for a thought provoking and engrossing read Okorafor skillfully immerses the reader in her future verse, never explaining than necessary, but giving you just enough to create a captivating and tantalizing world She also expertly twists and skews the usual alien vs human scenario, making for an unpredictable, complex and satisfying storyline.Binti is a fantastic read, and while it s the first book by Okorafor I ve ever read, it definitely won t be the last.

  6. Alexis☺ Alexis☺ says:

    Okorafor s Binti allows readers a chance to relax into scifi s wonderful worlds of What if without haviing to constantly translate and ignore hostile cross cultural assumptions and metaphors It feels wonderful, as a reader, to be able to trust an author, suspend disbelief and be able to say, Yes That is just what such an experience feels like Now, where does it lead, and what does it mean without remaining braced for stereotyping, misrepresentation, and the culturally ingrained literary gut punches that ethnic minority bibliophiles have to learn to live with Though Binti s experiences are inspired by continental African and Arab peoples and places, they are strongly reminiscent of Octavia Butler s Xenogenesis now Lilith s Brood series breaking away from home and tradition because someone must venture out, to give everyone else a better chance to survive And then facing the terror, the isolation, and the possibilities alone A beautiful work that I cannot help but hope will open doors for non immigrant African American fantasy and SciFi authors, in time.

  7. Aura Aura says:

    I m not sure anything I write can do this beautiful story justice A young woman from a marginalized and persecuted human tribe, pursues her dreams and accepts her admittance to the premiere University in the Galaxy As a professor, a story of a student who gives up everything to learn, who has to confront how that journey transforms and changes her and separates her from her people brings me to tears This tale is a beautiful and gentle reminder to listen with compassion, a reminder that as we demand our students conform to academia s expectations we demand they leave pieces of themselves behind as they make their personal journey.

  8. Deedi Brown Deedi Brown says:

    People were people, everywhere.I don t think it s possible for Nnedi Okorafor to write anything that I and the rest of the world don t absolutely love Her storytelling ability and imagination are just excellent Binti is no exception Almost from the first sentence, I was drawn into her world and her character Even though her time, culture, and experiences are firmly science fiction, they not foreign.Binti is a young girl who has been handed her life s dream to study math at the galaxy s premier university But she is from a marginalized people who do not stray from home Her people stay, they do as their people have always done, and they do not question it especially if they are a woman But Binti is unbelievably talented, and the university has given her a full scholarship if she will only make her way there So she shocks her entire people and leaves while they are asleep, shunning herself and severing ties to her culture in one fell swoop.If I couldn t make otjize here, then I d have to change.During her journey on a spaceship built within a giant, living creature , they are attacked by a species that has long been at war with the race of people who hold the status and power on Earth They would kill her, but she has a mysterious and ancient piece of technology that stands in their way She must be strong enough to survive the journey and then save many lives both friend and foe when the ship arrives at the university s planet.Okwu was young, like me And maybe that s why it was so eager to die and prove itself to the others and that s why the others were fine with it.This story is a novella, and it goes quick, but there is so, so much packed into it So much about identity, culture, power, prejudice, belonging I loved how she referred to multiple beings as people no matter their species, although I also noticed that individuals were always it, and never he or she I loved the way Binti s battle within herself to both align with and differentiate herself from her people brought out so much about her character I loved how much I learned from her about the experiences of people who are less privileged than I am I loved her strength, her intelligence, and her powerful femininity.