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Introduced By ZADIE SMITH One Of The Greatest Writers Of Our Time Toni MorrisonShe Was Stretched On Her Back Beneath The Pear Tree Soaking In The Alto Chant Of The Visiting Bees, The Gold Of The Sun And The Panting Breath Of The Breeze When The Inaudible Voice Of It All Came To Her When Sixteen Year Old Janie Is Caught Kissing Shiftless Johnny Taylor, Her Grandmother Swiftly Marries Her Off To An Old Man With Sixty Acres Janie Endures Two Stifling Marriages Before She Finally Meets The Man Of Her Dreams Who Offers Not Diamonds, But A Packet Of Flowering SeedsTheir Eyes Were Watching God Is One Of The Very Greatest American Novels Of The Th Century It Is So Lyrical It Should Be Sentimental It Is So Passionate It Should Be Overwrought, But It Is Instead A Rigorous, Convincing And Dazzling Piece Of Prose, As Emotionally Satisfying As It Is Impressive There Is No Novel I Love ZADIE SMITH

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    Buen producto

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    My daughter read this for her AP English class and I thought I should read this classic piece of literature as I had never had the opportunity So I bought it and could not put it down Months later, I am still thinking about this book, envisioning the cast of characters and events in the novel Zora Neale Hurston was such a beautiful storyteller I can see why this book is a classic piece of literature and in my mind, it stand heads above many of the other pieces of literature of have read from this period I cannot recommend it enough to people.Hurston opens up a space for us to envision life shortly after Emancipation where African Americans were freed but not free She illuminates an early Black community true and one of the strong women fictional in that community The trials and tribulations of the many characters and the barriers they encountered the moments of joy, happiness, and pain all grip the reader and help the reader to not only imagine but to feel what it might have felt like to live during this time in the community with the people A masterful work.

  3. Ella Mc Ella Mc says:

    I ve set a goal to reread the classics I read when I was way too young to appreciate them I first read THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD because my older friend, Becky, told me it was great when I was about ten I remember thinking it was a nice story, and that s about it Coming back to forty years later, I can agree that it s great, but there s so much here.The most special part of Zora Neale Hurston s writing is that she takes subjects that society wants to segment into good or bad and makes them human thereby making them complicated Subjects like infidelity, domestic abuse, killing for self protection, killing as an act of mercy, colorism, white savior complex, poverty, female pride, female submission, moral relativism You name a tough topic, and Hurston handles it in this book with a deft touch rarely found in today s world.NOW I understand why it s a classic don t just have to take everyone else s word for it Definitely worth a read or ten.

  4. ML ML says:

    Hurston gives a window view into a place that shows a growing or blossoming of a woman s life It journeys on a three fold path from Janie s life with her grandma through 3 marriages that unfold new discoveries of Janie as she awakens to the power of her ability to lead herself Hurston was ahead of her time in the sense that she was already living as one who did not need to fight the battle but had arrived and was.

  5. Tom Quinn Tom Quinn says:

    This must be very nearly a perfect novel, a short classic like Old Man and the Sea, Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, Huckleberry Finn, with its own unique style and identity The racy black vernacular drives the story along while the voice of the narrator achieves levels of poetic intensity approaching myth I found it gripping almost to the point of unputdownable from the first sentence

  6. Prof. RShawntezJackson Prof. RShawntezJackson says:

    This is truly a classic and teachable from so many direction you will not be able to stand it You can run a class for nearly a month discussing the levels, layers, textures, and nuances to the characters and their intentions There are modes of language, characterization, dialect, motivation, conflict, and desire that can go on forever in a classroom or book club discussion I fell in love with the woman with so much pain from men, but always willing to feel love You will be entangled in the world of these people so quickly you will not believe it I suggest you download the audible version so you can take in the dynamics of Ruby Dee reading Hurston s beautiful language.