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The moment this book popped up on my radar it was added to my TBR and I beg forgiveness for waiting so long to dive in That synopsis ticks every box needed for an epic sports romance and I was absolutely not disappointed I ll be honest, while I immediately knew I needed Marlee and Gavin s, I kept putting it off My book addiction is strong and I have to be smart with my book fund allotment, making it really hard to spend 7.99 on a kindle book from an unknown author Then it kept sneaking it s way into my feed and wiggling into my heart with each pass and I couldn t take it any I one clicked that buy now button and never looked back WorthEveryPenny That unknown author is now on that one click list How How is this Martin s debut novel and why were we deprived of her words until now This sports romance was the perfect balance of wit, swoon, drama and those grown up mean girl athlete wives that we all assume exist MARLEE, I don t know how to properly explain my love for this girl other than simply, GirlCrush Her fierce sass and quick witted ways drew me right in and had me wishing I could have this chick as my new real life BFF A girl that internally hashtags her life to find the humor in insane situations is a girl after my heart Marlee is a force to be reckoned with when her life is thrown through the blender and not just because she proceeds to make a killer margarita from the remains Her strength and determination was the perfect counterbalance to her hidden insecurities and need to find herself and who she is without giving up a piece of herself for love Nothing ticks my book boyfriend box quite like a kindhearted, funny, generous ,swoon worthy, football pant wearing QB and Gavin was absolutely everything you ll ever need in fictional love Martin s writing is flawless, fun, and had a style and flow that was everything I need in a book Every character was incredibly developed and made every scene and interaction so addictive I was binging those pages faster than Court can swing that glittery gavel. 4.5 starsMarlee has been in love with her NFL boyfriend Chris since the age of 16 For 10 years, she s been the ever supportive girlfriend, dealt with trifling ass players wives and is starting to make a name for herself with her graphic design business What she s not expecting is for her world to implode with a huge deception and meeting her one night stand from 4 years ago all in the same week Gavin is the new quarterback and getting to know the team He s led a typical bachelor lifestyle but has not forgotten the woman that he met and spent a memorable night with some 4 years ago To have Marlee back in his life seems perfect but they both have baggage that they need to acknowledge.Marlee has not been on her own and doesn t know what it s like to be solely responsible for only herself Gavin is a people pleaser and only wants to make Marlee happy, even if that entails going behind her back to make things easier.This book was awesome and funny and relatable Maybe not the professional sports part but how trying to manage a relationship, figure yourself out, lean in to adulting and maintain healthy friendships is important and crazy challenging.I laughed I was almost near tears I was upset by proxy This book had it all Even the addition of speaking through hashtags made me smile and I now wonder how I can add that to my self care arsenal Read this book now You won t regret it. Intercepted was the perfect book to read over the weekend It was fun, light and with plenty of hilarious situations I would have finished it earlier but I have a new ten week old puppy NoTimeToReadAny or I should say NoTimeForAnythingAnyway, Intercepted has a funny heroine, Marlee Harper Marlee is the girlfriend of Chris Alexander, a pro football player Her only boyfriend has been Chris She did have a one night stand four years ago while they were on a break but she tries to avoid thinking about that night.Marlee loves marketing but it has been hard to do what she wants to do because she has dedicated herself to Chris She even attends the Lady Mustangs meetings which usually only football players wives can attend and she s continuously attacked by Courtney, the QB s wife Chris is nothing but self involved and when she finds out he s cheating, she breaks their ten year old relationship and moves out.Things get heated when Gavin Pope joins the team as the new QB He s good at his job, he s hot and it turns out he s Marlee s one night stand At first, Marlee tries to avoid him because she s with Chris and later on because she doesn t want to date another football player But, Gavin is unrelenting He makes it impossible for Marlee not to try to be with him.As I said earlier, this book is quick, funny and light It had the perfect combination to entertain you.I love how Marlee defended herself from the mean WAGs I like how she did have a true friend within the meanies I like how she went through life using hashtags I like how her relationship developed with Gavin Gavin was just perfect except when he did something which was completely out of character for him I guess, we needed some drama and that was the only way to create it Even with his misstep, I still ended up liking him.I m looking forward to Fumbled, the next in this series.4 5 Fangs Series In Development With Starz G Unit Films And Television By Cent And La La AnthonyOne Of NPR S Best Books Of An Best Romance Of PickAn IBooks Best Of September PickA GoodReads Best Of The Month Pick For SeptemberOne Of Booklist S Top Romance Debuts For One Of BookBubs Best Fall Romances Of Marlee Thought She Scored The Man Of Her Dreams Only To Be Scorched By A Bad Breakup But There S A New Player On The Horizon, And He S In A League Of His OwnMarlee Harper Is The Perfect Girlfriend She S Definitely Had Enough Practice By Dating Her NFL Star Boyfriend For The Last Ten Years But When She Discovers He Has Been Tackling Other Women On The Sly, She Vows To Never Date An Athlete Again There S Just One Problem Gavin Pope, The New Hotshot Quarterback And A Fling From The Past, Has Marlee In His SightsGavin Fights To Show Marlee He S Nothing Like Her Ex Unfortunately, Not Everyone Is Ready To Let Her Escape Her Past The Team S Wives, Who Never Led The Welcome Wagon, Are Not Happy With Marlee S Return They Have Only One Thing On Their Minds Taking Her Down But When The Gossip Makes Marlee Public Enemy Number One, She Worries About Than Just Her ReputationBetween Their Own Fumbles And The Wicked Wives, It Will Take A Hail Mary For Marlee And Gavin S Relationship To Survive The Season