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Mountain, Baldwin said, is the book I had to write if I was ever going to write anything else That is the feel of this book a story told not out of want but out of need James Baldwin s debut has power behind every page his words resonate, and his prose is among the best I have had the pleasure of reading There isn t much in the way of plot, so be aware of that going in And it doesn t deliver a knockout ending like I d hoped, although as I type this, I m smiling Because this book is journey, not destination And if you can get behind that, then you re in for a good time.I won t get into detail, but there have been some changes at my work that have left me feeling stressed and distracted Go Tell It on the Mountain was my escape, even if it was only for a few minutes here and there I am sure my headspace affected my enjoyment And perhaps, like with Big Magic, I ll return to it in a better mood and come away with a better experience.For now, I m glad to have read this, and to continue reading James Baldwin in the future 4 5 A powerfully fecund and original mind James Baldwin brooks no deceit nor conceit, as he engages.In full throttle, in this book, he can be mercilessly unyielding as he fearlessly and unapologetically expose and excoriate the tainted and timid He savagely endures no prisoner.Nonetheless, he s remarkably deep and candid The writer is ferociously committed and capable of delving into and navigating the most intricate and labyrinthine contours of the human soul, and clinically, analysing its subtleties foibles, pretensions, relationships etc And he extends this unerring capacity to capturing the sheer essence of the spiritual and elemental forces of life and nature, and their respective constituents.With studied ease and confidence, he repeatedly and effortlessly unleashes his talent to achieve this feat throughout the book.Amazing talent Such talent.., certainly, prodigious and beyond the mere ability to craft majestic and tantalising prose.On the whole and in the wider context the book is a masterful portraiture of the relentless ugliness, darkness, misery, melancholy and gloom that typifies and envelops black life in the early 20th century America A naked byproduct of the scandalously shameful American racism that lingers till date.The work is ceaselessly deep, compelling and enthralling And no wonder it s, dutifully, enshrined a classic.A book for all time and for all that seek to know Good first novel that was never followed by a better second, third, fourth Brutal oppressiveness of a big city is present but so s the freedom a city affords a young man His mother s birthday gift of money sets John free for a day He climbs a hill in Central Park and feels like a king Emerges on Fifth Avenue into a world he s free to visit as long as he keeps walking, knows his place Passes the stone lions of a great public library he fears to enter though he knows he will some day Garish movie posters represent all that is evil to which he gladly succumbs Usherette flashlights him to a seat Pale, sickly slut of a girl Bette Davis in OF HUMAN BONDAGE frightens and attracts him yet her death moves him to a profound pity Yes, at the end of the day he returns home to find his brother Roy has been savagely attacked with a knife But his adventure has bestowed a glimpse of a larger world he hopes one day to inhabit And will. Such an amazing book Such beautiful writing How could I have missed reading anything by James Baldwin before His writing is still so relevant and beautiful and takes you inside his head so that the character feels like it is you and you understand better than you ever have how it feels to be black in America. Mountain, Baldwin Said, Is The Book I Had To Write If I Was Ever Going To Write Anything Else Go Tell It On The Mountain, First Published In , Is Baldwin S First Major Work, A Novel That Has Established Itself As An American Classic With Lyrical Precision, Psychological Directness, Resonating Symbolic Power, And A Rage That Is At Once Unrelenting And Compassionate, Baldwin Chronicles A Fourteen Year Old Boy S Discovery Of The Terms Of His Identity As The Stepson Of The Minister Of A Storefront Pentecostal Church In Harlem One Saturday In March Of Baldwin S Rendering Of His Protagonist S Spiritual, Sexual, And Moral Struggle Of Self Invention Opened New Possibilities In The American Language And In The Way Americans Understand Themselves