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How the principles of biological innovation can help us overcome creative challenges in art, business, and scienceIn Life Finds a Way, biologist Andreas Wagner reveals the deep symmetry between innovation in biological evolution and human cultural creativity Rarely is either a linear climb to perfection instead, progress is typically marked by a sequence of peaks, plateaus, and pitfalls For instance, in Picassos forty some iterations of Guernica, we see the same combination of small steps, incessant reshuffling, and large, almost reckless, leaps that characterize the way evolution transformed a dinosaurs grasping claw into a condors soaring wing By understanding these principles, we can also better realize our own creative potential to find new solutions to adversityUltimately, Life Finds a Way offers a new framework for the nature of creativity, enabling us to better adapt, grow, and change in art, business, or science that is, in life Interesting read The book provides a different view of evolution, the landscape view And then goes on to apply the same principles in different areas of life and creativity It takes some time to read initially but once we go through the substantial contents it interests us The book ends noting thta the society a d cultures should be tolerant and forgivibg to failures, as creativity is a high reward high risk venture The book is quite readable and will interest those who have keen interest in understanding the modern concepts of evolution. Glad that I took the authors advice to continue to read even if I didn t completely understand all the profession specific technicalities At the end of the book, it started to click and met my expectations, illustrating an intriguing view of creativity in the natural world and otherwise.