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Climate change was political long before Al Gore first started talking about it In the s, the Swedish Social Democrats used global warming to get political support for building a string of nuclear power stations It was the second phase of their war on coal, which began with the acid rain scare and the first big UN environment conference in Stockholm in Acid rain swept all before it America held out for as long as Ronald Reagan was in the White House, but capitulated under his successor Like global warming, acid rain had the vocal support of the scientific establishment, but the consensus science collapsed just as Congress was passing acid rain cap and trade legislation Rather than tell legislators and the nation the truth, the EPA attacked a lead scientist and suppressed the federal report showing that the scientific case for action on curbing power station emissions was baselessOstensibly neutral in the Cold War, Sweden had a secret military alliance with Washington A hero of the international Left, Sweden s Olof Palme used environmentalism to maintain a precarious balance between East and West Thus Stockholm was the conduit for the KGB inspired nuclear winter scare The bait was taken by Carl Sagan and leading scientists, who tried to undermine Ronald Reagan s nuclear strategy and acted as propaganda tools to end the Cold War on Moscow s termsNuclear energy was to have been the solution to global warming It didn t turn out that way, most of all thanks to Germany Instead America and the world are following Germany s lead in embracing wind and solar German obsession with renewable energy originates deep within its culture Few know today that the Nazis were the first political party to champion wind power, Hitler calling wind the energy of the futurePostWest Germany appeared normal, but anti nuclear protests in the s led to the fusion of extreme Left and Right and the birth of the Greens inTheir rise changed Germany, then Europe and now the world Radical environmentalism became mainstream It demands than the rejection of the abundant hydrocarbon energy that fuels American greatness It requires the suppression of dissent Green BS It s now become a giant scam Lesenswert Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der GR NEN Totalit res Denken Menschen sollen gef hrt, bevormundet, erzogen werden Hinter der Weltrettungs Maske stecken keine Naturfreunde, sondern Menschenfeinde. Das Buch habe ich gerade angefangen Scheint sehr gut zu sein Oje, wir werden st ndig angelogen Nichts neues, gelle Rupert Darwell s Green Tyranny is a mesmerizing book compelling than any other book I have read on the myth of Anthropogenic Global Warming It should be read by everyone interested in the truth in preference to propaganda disseminated by globalists with inexhaustible funds Its unimpeachable source notes back up every twist and turn.Questions should be raised as to why four mega corporations in Silicone Valley Microsoft Google and Apple, behave in such a deceitful way fiercely espousing green energy whilst ignoring the indubitable fact that wind and sun alone cannot resolve their fraudulent claim of anthropogenic global warming Are we to believe that these mega corporations only function when the wind is blowing at the right speed or when the sun is shining At the moment, they duplicitously benefit from huge government subsidies for their own green energy production whilst also profiting from the UN sucking up over one billion dollars a day from the rest of the world s governments collected through its imposition of carbon taxes impossible to maintain if their economies are to remain viable under such constraints This conundrum has the appearance of the Freemason s ordo ab chao awaiting a synthesis conveniently provided by the New World Order , Agenda 21.If you are in wonderment how this level of ignorance is maintained in America then confirm for yourself that 93% of American media corporations cable, TV, Radio, Hollywood, publishing, newspapers, etc are owned and controlled by just five globalist families, who, needless to say, present their own version of the news.They, together with Wall Street bankers, George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are ostensibly in denial fervently espousing green energy as the only solution to global warming However, these astute but hypocritical globalists keep their money in oil, gas, and other polluting industry including renewables considerably expensive to buy and maintain absent generous government subsidies than cheap and abundant fossil fuels.Another worrisome proposal by the demonstrably untrustworthy IPCC s is their intention to cut current CO2 emissions by half which they ought to know would completely devastate farming as CO2 is an essential plant food.The net result of all of these machinations is a massive wealth transfer to the UN coffers whilst further impoverishing the worlds poorest countries As if by magic, the real solution to our problems is provided by the UN s 1992 Rio Agenda 21 Its suggested 95% reduction in planet earth s human population predicated solely on a whopping great lie should be of concern to most of us, but It is difficult to get a man to believe in something when keeping his job depends on him not believing it.The same, above mentioned philanthropists, together with other functionaries, have also engineered the location of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan where the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility is still emitting uncontrollable levels of radiation after three of its six reactors melted through their concrete cores on 11th March 2011.