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Archiving corn strains to guard against genetic pollution Coating chainsaw blades with mushroom spores to speed forest regeneration Growing crops that literally suck heavy metals out of damaged soil These are not utopian fantasies but proven strategies developed by experts who have discovered how to exploit the innate intelligence of living systems to create true biotechnologiesThe Bioneers biological pioneers are a network of scientists, writers, economists, artists, and other leaders with practical and visionary solutions for our most pressing environmental and social challenges Their annual conference draws global attention, and its most inspiring presentations become source material for books in the Bioneers seriesIn this volume, Bioneers founder Kenny Ausubel gathers reports from leaders in the fields of biomimicry mimicking nature to restore environments and transform production processes , living technologies that break down toxics biologically and ecologically sound design for buildings and industries These are set alongside essays by such writers as Paul Hawken, Terry Tempest Williams, and Michael Pollan that underscore the need to work in harmony with natural systems Unlike corporatized genetic manipulation, the true biotechnologies explored here illuminate a future of hope by wedding human ingenuity to the wisdom of the wild It was a good read, exciting to hear what folks were doing benefiting nature. Highly recommended Some chapters were better than others, but all were instructional It saddens me to know this proven technology is not in widespread use.