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Trailblazing marine biologist, visionary conservationist, deep ecology philosopher, Edward F Ricketts has reached legendary status in the California mythos A true polymath and a thinker ahead of his time, Ricketts was a scientist who worked in passionate collaboration with many of his friends artists, writers, and influential intellectual figures including, perhaps most famously, John Steinbeck, who once said that Ricketts s mind had no horizons This unprecedented collection, featuring previously unpublished pieces as well as others available for the first time in their original form, reflects the wide scope of Ricketts s scientific, philosophical, and literary interests during the years he lived and worked on Cannery Row in Monterey, California These writings, which together illuminate the evolution of Ricketts s unique, holistic approach to science, include Verbatim transcription of notes on the Gulf of California trip, the basic manuscript for Steinbeck s and Ricketts s Log from the Sea of Cortezthe essays The Philosophy of Breaking Through and A Spiritual Morphology of Poetry several shorter pieces on topics including collecting invertebrates and the impact of modernization on Mexican village life andAn engaging critical biography and a number of rare photographs offer a new and richly detailed view of Ricketts s life